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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Muses of the day....

I have spent the last few can be slow lately....reading random blogs. I read all my friend's blogs and then I started reading all their friends' blogs and then I started reading their friends' friends' blogs. You get desparate when all you have to do is surf the internet...

So, I have come to the conclusion that in the world of blogging there are many types of bloggers. Some bloggers type a minute by minute diary of their life, with way too much information. These bloggers I have dubbed the Blog-dependent. They come in all types of walks of life, but most are single girls or housewives. Then there are the photo bloggers, most of their blogs consist of pictures cute or not, telling a general story of their lives. These are the ones that say little. I have found mostly these are the mothers (and fathers) of young children. We know why they have little to say, that is because they have little time in their life at this point for anything but the basics: eating, sleeping, bathing.... Then there are the well-balanced bloggers. You get several blogs a week that are well concise and formated very properly. They include the occasional picture to support their text. These are the people that I am slightly jealous of, because they tend to be well organized, early to bed, early to rise (no, 3am blogging for them) kind of people. Usually, all their pictures of their kids have matching outfits and their hair is always combed. Then there are the random bloggers. They give us the random and often weird thoughts that stray in and out of their heads, and most often these are random in their frequency as well.

I, having analyzed these blogger types (obviously, right now I am not earning my salary...), have decided that I fit mostly into the picture blogger at this point in my life, but that I tend to bounce from category to category with my mood. Although, the well-balanced blogger, probably has never been used to describe my mood. (I tend to post too many "real" life pictures to be well balanced.)

And all that to say, why do we do this. Why do we spend time typing pages of endless script and upload the occasional picture (even clever video from time to time). This phemon has only recently (and by recent, I speak of the past 10 years) become such a huge thing. Before we kept up with friends with real letters and phone calls, and crazy, but actually with person encounters, maybe even lunch. Now, I rarely need to seek out my less close friends to see how they are because I can plant my curious nose right in their business without interupting them at all. Don't get me wrong, we still all do things with our friends, but I find that I have gotten less and less persistent about keeping up with people because I can drop by their website anytime and see how they are doing.

On the otherhand, I have gotten in touch with people that I have not even thought of in years. Like the girl that I romped with in elementary school or the girl that lived across the hall from me ten years ago in Russia. It is fun to see how life has treated them. Of course, it is neat to spy on people that you would not have the nerve to talk to in person as well.

Then there are the blogs of my patients. These blogs make me cry sometimes and other times they make me proud to work at St. Jude. For patient confidentiality, I cannot relay their stories, but as I read about the struggles of a mom as she watches her infant girl slowly lose her fight with cancer, I realize how little I have in life to complain about. And when I see the teenager struggle because chemo has so ravaged his joints that he is facing multiple joint replacement surgeries, things that most people don't have to think about until they are old, I realize that it is extrodinary that he is chipper everytime I see him. These blogs become special tools to help me better know how to minister to these precious ones.

So that is what I have thought about tonight as I have read a thousand blogs. Thanks for reading my blog tonight. And I hope that it has not bored you too much!


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