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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I just realized how little I have been blogging. Things have been so busy lately.

Well, I am still alive after my dear brother played with my teeth. But I got some bad news, I have to have a root canal done. YIKES! My tooth hasn't really hurt me, but recently my ear has hurt real bad and I have had a lot of headache. It looks as if I have a nice abscess around one of my back molars. JOY. So Mark is working to find a time for me to come back. YEAH

I cannot think of much to say right now because my head is aching so bad. I don't know what my problem is other than I must be allergic to work. hehe...Hopefully soon I will get to go home because I get to come back tomorrow and do this dance again. I am so thankful for the most awesome job in the world because if not I am would sure not want to come.

Well, I will try to write more later tonight. for now, I am going to go take as much advil as allowed.


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