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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pictures from the weekend

Emma had a blast outside all day on Sunday. She followed Two Dad and Uncle Matt around almost all day. She was "scooping" the dirt, playing baseball with Uncle Mark, and sitting in the hammock with Two Dad. When Two Dad left to get mulch, she sat down and cried and said, "oh no, my best friend Two Dad left me" She was into best friends and favorite this and thats. There she is with Two Dad
Scooping dirt Uncle Matt in his hammock.
Emma got in this box and said"Look I am a box" She is having fun with all the boxes around. She also collapsed it and used it as her "skateboard" What an imagination.

She found an old armor helmet from when my brothers and I were growing up. She called it her bicycle helmet. I had to put this one on. Mom was warming up a left over artichoke for dinner one night and Emma grabbed it before the water got to boil and at over half of it.

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