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Monday, April 16, 2007

And there is Elliot!

I had so much fun capturing him yesterday. He was in rare form with a ton of smiles. It really captured my little man!
Here is is laughing. Another laugh
His serious look.
A little smile
Taking a bath, I am not much on bath pictures, but I stragetically posed it so you could see how much he loves his baths. Although I cannot quite get the hillarious kicking and cooing he does in a still picture.
He cannot wait to swim in the water without a small tub in the way.

This is classic Elliot. He always has his hand in his mouth and he loves to watch whatever is available to see. There the hand is again.
So funny!

The end!

1 comment:

Aunt Jamie said...

Yeah, the look on Elliot's face says that he already knows those bath pictures will come back to haunt him when he starts dating. ;o)