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Monday, March 26, 2007

Updates from the Ewings

Well, I haven't really written much lately, I see. Just mostly pictures when I get the chance. So I thought today, on my birthday, I would give a little update to you all.

First, Tal is doing great. He is enjoying his new job and working so hard. He has started to pick up the pace a bit in finding clients. I can see him really enjoying this long term. He stopped by today to bring me flowers, so sweet! He is a great dad, always playing with the kiddos and loving being with them. He took Emma to the park on Saturday. She wore him out after three hours of wild playing. She would go to the park daily if we could. He takes her as many nights of the week that I am home and able. I think he has made friends with the other parents out there as well. He is looking forward to maybe getting some fishing in this spring. Other than that, life is the same for him.

I am doing well myself. I have been informed that this is officially my last birthday. I am 29 today. And don't feel that old. And I am told I don't look it either. Sometimes I glance myself in the mirror while taking care of the kids, and think I do kind of look like a baby myself. It is weird having two kids that I am responsible for. But I love every minute of it. Yesterday we celebrated my birthday with a dinner for Matt and I. It was nice, we ate outside. I have always liked celebrating with him (his 23rd birthday was Friday). As for life in general, I am looking forward to quitting working sometime in the next two months. My parents are bringing my grandfather home, and he is going to let me take care of him. So we are in the process of finding a place for all of us to reside. As soon as we know more of a definite, I will be putting in my notice here at St. Jude. Part of me is sad because this has been a great two years of my life. But I cannot wait to be a mommy all the time to my wonderful kiddos.

Emma is still a pistol. She is talking up a storm. Her sentences are well beyond her age sometimes that they make me laugh. Last night while trying to go to sleep, (she has trouble because her mouth wants to run 90 mph) she was talking about her Two Dad, she said he would come home tomorrow (from work) and she would say, "HELLO TWO DAD" and she screamed it like as if she had just seen him walk in the door. It was just funny. She in into ABC's and counting. One of her favorite games is telling you what each UNO card is. She is growing like a weed too. She likes clothes with stuff on them like butterflies, flowers, animals, etc. And she is all about changing herself and picking out her own clothes. She says, "Mommy, you stay here, I go by myself" The other day we had been talking about going to potty (She knows how, but just isn't interested and so we haven't mastered it yet.) She said" I wear panties now mommy?" I told her if she would go to the potty all day yesterday and on Monday then on Tuesday I would let her wear panties. Well, she got some of the message, just not the qualifying part, because she ran into the potty, tried, but did not go and then came running back out with her new panties for me to put on her. I let her try, and she did good but the next time she had to go she waited too long and had an accident. But she is trying!!! The girls still eats anything. Her new favorite is cooked onions.

Elliot is so adorable! And so good. He takes pretty scheduled naps everyday. And is a great sleeper, only getting up once or twice a night usually. His big news is that he rolled from front to back this weekend. And almost made it from back to front. I could not believe it, Emma did not roll over until five months old. He can scoot around fairly well too. He doesn't like to stay still. And he prefers to see what is going on. When he takes a bottle, he must be sitting facing out so he can watch what is going on, or he will take that bottle and push it out of the way until you reposition him to sit up and see. But he is a smiley baby always talking and cooing.

So that is our life in a nutshell. More pictures tomorrow!


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