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Monday, March 26, 2007

Two stories that have really made me think lately...

I have heard two stories recently that have really made me think....

First I have entitled.."The Raisin box is half empty"

Someone was complaining about the little time her father had for her, and her friend asked her if the little time she had with her father was better than no time at all. The first gal was considering alienating her father, since he was only putting minimal effort into their relationship. She hemmed and hawwed and said it was just so hard and he did not seem to want to really put much effort into it. Her friend replied with this story saying, if you were hungry and you had a box of raisins and in it was only three raisins, would you throw it out complaining that there were only three raisins so you would have none at all, or would you eat the three thankful for the little bit of nourishment you received? The lady said that of course she would eat the three raisins over nothing at all. Her wise friend then said asked her why she was not grateful for the little effort her father was able to put forth, instead she was throwing the three raisins he had to offer her.

Second, I have heard before and have forgotten its impact.

There were once three monks in a land far away. Each belonged to the same order, and order that has taken two vows: 1) Silence 2) They may never touch a women. Well, one day these three set out across the country side on a journey. As they walked in silence, they came to a stream that was swollen with rain and was rapidly rushing along. A frail, young lady was struggling to cross and was obviously about to be swept away. One of the monks quickly went to her aid, sweeping her up and carrying her across the peril. He immediately set her down and they went their separate ways. The three monks continued on theirs. About an hour later, the other two not being able to stand it any longer, broke their vow of silence and berrated him for breaking his vow of not touching a women. He quietly but firmly said, "I sat the girl down as soon as we set on dry ground, you have been carrying her for the last hour."

How many times have I critized someone's behavior, when really it was myself that is the one in need of saving? It is likes Shakespeare says of the tale tell heart, that often that which we point out as sin in others is really the sin we harbor in the dark places of our own.

Just my thoughts!

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