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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Kids

I got the kids to pose for me yesterday. Poor Elliot still gets abused in the situation.

I found a better position to sit Elliot. He likes this, he is just chillin....
What a handsome one he is
Emma loves her brother. How precious.
She looks like an deceiving huh? Isn't that the cutest dress though? It has really cool bloomers that are as long as her legs. She saw me pull the dress out of the closet and she threw her hands up and screamed. Then said oh, I love it.
Elliot crashed with Daddy, he could not keep his eyes open. Emma found a ballerina outfit on clearance at Target. She was so excited.
Bubby really could barely keep those eyes open.
He loves to suck his fingers or hand, which ever he can fit in his mouth.
Busy bee.
We went to Tracy and Deryl's for an afternoon of relaxing.

Emma ate up the strawberries. You cannot see her face really well, but it is painted red.
Reece is driving Emma's jeep. But Emma likes it now too!
Bubby loves his mommy!
This is our friend, Sam. He is about six months older than Bubby.

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