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Monday, March 19, 2007

Pictures from this weekend

Mommy and her little boy, aren't they a cute pair! She thinks she is the star of the show!
Little Mommy!
Emma loves her Bubby!
She is making him take his pacifer whether he wants it or not.
I think it was a not.
Emmy with her Emmy's daddy
Mommy with her two precious kiddos.
What a cutie!

He takes naps....Emma still doesn't know what that is.

Emma said, "Put him on my shoulder, so I can get him to sleep." Then she proceeded to pat his back (although it was more like, hitting) and tried to bounce him to sleep.
She said, "I love my Bubby sooooo much."
Emma loving the weather

Emma going through the knick-knacks at Big Daddy's house
Something was funny, can you believe how big that mouth is?
Emma loves to color
Emma coloring, she said she was drawing mommy's name

That is all for now. Maybe more to come.

1 comment:

Aunt Jamie said...

Well, if you look close enough, Emmy's squiggles look like M's...and there are a lot of M's in Mommy. ;o)

Of course, I need no convincing that she's super-smart!