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Thursday, February 08, 2007

What a difference

Both kids went to bed before 9pm last night, amazing. Although it feels as if I could sleep for the next five years. I was at my breaking point yesterday after not getting much rest this last few nights, then working, then having to get up early with the kids, I was feeling very out of control within myself. But fortunately, I have a great family, especially my wonderful husband, who made me go on to bed last night. It was terrific, and maybe I will be able to face the day a little bit.

Pray once again for my mom and the kiddos. It is so nice to know they have wonderful people to care for them.


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Anonymous said...

Just coming in to say hi and to let you know you have another relative looking at and enjoying your blog and pics of the kiddo's. Elizabeth and I have enjoyed Emma's touchdown dance. Hope work and sleep are going well. Tal's sleeping must be a preacher thing- my brother-in-law Nathan is just like that. Have a great day!
Niki Petty