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Monday, February 19, 2007


Wow, I cannot believe it has been almost a week. It has gone so fast, but in a good way mostly.

Thursday night I did not get off work until Friday morning at 2am about. But God was so good to me. The kids slept in until 930am, which they had not done in days. So I was able to get enough sleep to refresh myself for the coming day. Then I got my hair cut, and oh how wonderful is that. I had not had it cut for almost a year. And I was so excited to have it cut even just the little I got it cut. Finally, Tal and I went to a banquet for his work. We left the kids with some dear friends, Mrs. Fisher and her daughter Holly as well as Holly's friend, Jana, and our other friend's daughter, Natalie. Emma Grace had a blast. I think she is in seventh heaven when older gals pay her attention. I stuffed myself in an old (but fantastic) bridesmaid dress for the evening and we had so much fun. It was our first night for both of us to leave both kids together. But we had a great time, and they had a great time as well.

Saturday was fun. Emma and I went on an adventure with my Mom and Dad while Tal and Ellito had boy time. Then I promptly fell out and slept almost four hours. Then Matt and I made waffles and bacon and eggs for everyone. Emma loved her waffles. But she loved her bacon even more! She ate four pieces I think, three before dinner was served.

Sunday was fun too. We saw Big Daddy and then we ran a few errands. Then one of the flower girls from my wedding and her parents, Cara Ward and Maryanne and Grant Ward, came to visit. It was great seeing them. They are just the most precious people you have ever met. I enjoyed taking care of them when I babysat their little ones. Cara was so sweet with Elliot and Emma as well. Elliot sat in her lap and just cooed and smiled at her. He has talked a lot, but nothing like that. He talked to her non-stop. We had dinner with them while they waited on their son, Joshua (the ring bearer in the wedding, and I cannot believe he is so big now, I first babysat him when he was three weeks old.) to finish his ball boy duties at the tennis tournement. Then we got ready for the next week. And now the next week is upon us!

Elliot slept through the night mostly last night. He did get up at three am, but had almost been asleep for six hours. I considered that all night for me. Then he slept another four, and then another three before waking up. It is great. Thank you Lord!

Emma is a hoot still. She was so excited about playing with Cara, although she had no idea who Cara was. So all night Saturday night, she kept waking up and saying, "Nope, not yet."I could not figure out what she was talking about. Finally, when she woke up she said, "Oh Yeah! Cara's here." Then I told her that it was not until the afternoon that Cara would be here, then she said, "oh no, not yet" What a hoot!

More pics to come, maybe Wednesday if I don't get it done before. Hopefully we will get to the zoo this week or weekend and pics from there. Elliot will get his first time really out in the sun and the shine!


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