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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Small blessings

Last night I thought that there was no way that I could do another day. I was so tired and I missed my little kids so very bad. But it is almost nine now and I have made it through yet another day. The best part, though, is that tomorrow, I do not have to leave my precious little angels all day!

Last night was so nice. Elliot has learned to sleep entirely in his crib except when he wants to eat. It makes the times in between so nice. And hopefully, soon I will wake up about six am and hope he is okay because he did not wake up all night. Then I will look over and he will be sleeping so peacefully. I will be so excited that I will sit there and watch him snooze and squander the first morning he slept all night. But it will be worth it (and it could come sooner than when Emma slept through the night, at six months).

I actually woke up way late this morning and almost did not make it to work in time for my dreaded TB skin test. But I did make it in the nick of time. So now I have a nice bruise on my arm. But for another year, I have been tested.

Tomorrow is the lovely Valentine holiday. I am not a big Valentine fan, I am just not a sappy person. But Tal and I started a tradition four years ago when we had our first Valentine's day together. We had little to no money, but could scrounge together about $13. So we decided we wanted pizza and where else can you eat all the pizza you want for $13 except for CiCi's. Okay, okay, it is kinda gross, barely edible to the more mature palate for sure. But it is a meal that I look forward to each year. We still are having a hard time scrounging more than $13. So that hasn't really changed much, but having something that is special to us is great! I like that we can say, "For the past five Valentine's we have eaten at CiCi's pizza." And hopefully, in 20 years, unless the restaurant goes out of business we will be able to keep saying it. (And if it does go out of business, we will find another cheap all you can eat excuse for pizza and go there.) So tomorrow, remember that showing the one you love doesn't require a lot of money. The most special times can be over a glass of sprite and some good ole card board pizza. (The was in no way meant to offend anyone who loves the most individual taste of the afore mentioned pizza. The views expressed on this program are the opinions of the writer not the webpage, webhost or Tal and Emma Grace Ewing!)

So tomorrow should be busy getting ready for the next day. And I have to get my dress ready for Friday night. I think I have settled on a bridesmaid dress that I wore almost two years ago, (keep your fingers crossed that it still fits!).

Have a good night, and Happy Valentine's Day to all.


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