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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictues Gallore

Elliot on his play mate Elliot finds a cardinal

Emma and Bubby Elliot stretching
Emma, she picked out her outfit today Bubby is fascinated
Oh how fun

Emmy at Big Daddy's house
Aunt Fran and Elliot
Emmy takes mommy's picture
Nuther Momma and Emmy in Gran Jean's kitchen
Nuther Momma, Emmy and Mary

Emma eats raw corn, all of it
nothing for the pet raccoon
All she needs is the corn patch...
Emma had the camera again

Cara (flower girl in our wedding) holding Elliot. He talked to her like there was no tomorrow
Elliot smiles at mommy
Cara, Emma and Uncle Matt
Emma shucking corn
Emma shucked all eight ears by herself

Superstar Emmy
Emmy loves her heart shirt
Daddy through the lense of Emmy
Emma Grace
Bubby takes a swing

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, Elliot just knows to flirt with the pretty girls! ;o)

And, what a glamour girl we have in Miss Emmy...painted toenails and already picking out cute outfits!

Love ya,
Aunt Jamie