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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Half way done

My day is almost halfway over. I am so glad. And it has been good. I still feel a little lost with all the new rules. But they are starting to make sense and I am starting to remember more of them. Fortunately, the is a pretty good staff tonight, so I should not get too overwhelmed by actual amount of patients, just trying to remember how to do everything.

Mom said everything had been going okay. So far no fits, Emma thought about it once, but she stopped and obeyed. Elliot hasn't really slept as in napping all day, but he hasn't been bad either, so that is a definite prayer praise. God is good.

Tal is on his way home and is going to give me a status report. Wouldn't it be great if when I get home they are all in bed and sound asleep?

One funny little story....Tal has trouble with night times. He is so helpful if he is awake, but getting him awake is another story all together. So Saturday night he said he was going to help me out because I was exhausted. He was holding Elliot in the chair keeping him upright so he would not choke when he asked me about 11 pm if Elliot sounded okay. I could not hear him, so he brought him over to where I was in bed. I needed to hold him for a second to feel how he was breathing, so I asked Tal if he could just get me an extra blanket because I was cold. He got me the blanket and before I could tell him that Elliot sounded fine, just clogged up, he laid down and went to sleep. He was out and would not wake up. Finally at like 5am, after I had held Elliot all night, he got up at 5am and held Elliot while I slept until 7am. So it was a long night. Well, last night he wanted to let me get some good sleep before my first day back. We decided that he would take the first shift, and then we would alternate. I laid down with Emma at 9:45pm and at 1015 he handed me Elliot saying that he needed to eat. I got up to feed him and Tal went to lay down. (Usually, if Tal is watching Elliot, he never lays down because he will fall asleep and not wake back up.) I asked him if he was going to keep watching Elliot, and apparently he was already asleep because he said yeah yeah and then within a few seconds he was snoring. and I mean he was really snoring. So needless to say, I took care of Elliot all night long. I was really tired this morning, but I figured I have a great excuse tonight. I will just remind him that he got 8 hours of sleep last night, while I was up for most of it.

Well... it is now 9pm, we got a little busy there for a few minutes. Things are going well still. I found out that Emma put herself down for nap (why won't she do this for me?) She was laying on the floor and mom asked her if she wanted to lay on the couch. She said yes and then fell asleep. YEAH for Emma. I am so proud of her. We are so thankful to my mom and dad for bailing us out yet again!

Well, I am going to run for now. Thanks for your prayers.

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