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Monday, February 12, 2007

Busy weekend

I am finally getting to the computer. It was such a busy weekend for me. I have forgotten how fast they go when you only have two days. Thankfully, this weekend, I have three days. But I have a sneaking suspiscion that it won't go any slower.

Saturday was cleaning day for us. We worked steadily through the morning. Then in the late afternoon we ran a few errands. Tal and I have a nice dinner to attend on Friday night, so I tried to find something to fit into. I did have some luck, but unfortunately, I bought a skirt to go with a shirt I have, and now I cannot find the shirt at all. Oh well.... maybe I will either find it or find something to go with the skirt, who knows. After our errands, we had dinner with Tal's mom and sister. It was nice, but it is a lot more complicated eating out with two. Especially when they both want mommy. I think takeout will be my preference from now on. Or just eating at home.

We all crashed when we got home. It was kind of a long night because Elliot was having trouble breathing again. But we made it through it.

Sunday, I had to run to get things ready for the week. And then we had the utter blessing of a lovely shower for Elliot. It was so nice. Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Adair, Mrs. Jolley, and my dear friend Laura Oppenheimer gave such a nice afternoon shower for our little dear. We were so blessed with the cute outfits, the gift cards and the diapers. What great friends we have. Elliot is going to look adorable in all his outfits. I will get some pictures to you as soon as I can, I unfortunately bought the wrong camera battery, so I did not get any pictures taken. But Laura has promised to send me a few. Emma Grace had a blast showing out for everyone. She even racked up herself. And there were three girls that graciously played with her. Two of them were 12 and the other was 8 or 9. They were so good with her. One of them, Laura's sister, is actually going to babysit Emma and Elliot at her house with her mom this Friday while Tal and I were at this dinner. So I was glad Emma had fun and I hope she will have a good time on Friday too.

Then it was back home again to cook a few things for the next two days while I was at work. I made roasted veggies and cheese grits. Also, I made up a recipe for a turkey loaf. It was pretty good. Maybe not tenderloin but it was good.

Then it was time to put the kids to bed and go to sleep. So we could get up and do it all over again! Thankfully, Elliot actually slept pretty well last night. And he did a little better today. He actually took a few naps for my mom. Not long naps, but naps at that.

Work has gone well today. I am tired, but that just part of the ballgame right now. Thanks for your prayers. keep praying our house sells!


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