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Monday, January 15, 2007

Life with two

Things have been hectic in the Ewing household. I wanted to update sooner, but I cannot seem to get time with the computer. And when the kids are both asleep, I am too.

Over the past week, we have had a check-up for Emma, spent the day with Tal's mom, had two bad colds (Emma and I), Elliot has grown a lot, and I have not lost much weight at all.

Emma had a great check-up. She is right on schedule, actually a little ahead for a two year old. The doctor asked if she always uses so many words in one sentence. I said yes, then he asked me if she could count to twenty. I inwardly panicked not realizing he was making a joke after hearing how well she can talk. I said, "well, she can count to 15 and sometimes 18 on a good day, and 10 in spanish." He just laughed, obviously I did not realize he was being funny. I did tell him that she knows all her colors and animals and their sounds. I forgot to mention she knows the difference between all the coins. But I did remember to tell him that she could identify many letters and was able to bring the letter for each person's name to them when we were at home. So she is doing well.

Another cute little story, yesterday she and I got up late because we were nursing our colds. Tal and Elliot were downstairs in the den watching sports. I dropped her off and picked up Elliot to feed him. As Emma was getting down, she said, "Nuther momma cutting onions" Just from the sound of my mom peeling an onion from the kitchen, Emma was able to tell what she was doing. She is too smart for her own good. So when she runs up with the first letter of your name, don't be too surprised. (She also knows both the names for everyone such as Grammy, Granddaddy, but also their proper names as well. It is so cute hearing her say, Dorothy, Dub, Frank Lee, Velita, etc.....)

Elliot is getting so big. He is closing in on ten pounds. A feat Emma barely accomplished at two months I think. He continues to be a good baby, but has been a little colicky lately. I think with a little adjustment of my diet, we have started to eliminate some of the problems for him. Hopefully by the weekend we will have him more comfortable. Poor little guy.

Emma loves being a little mommy. She helps me change him diapers, and she wants to do it all. She also has several times tried to pick him up when we were not looking. Thankfully he is almost half of her weight making it impossible to budge him. But she sure loves him, kissing him all the time. She does not like it thought that he has gotten all the cool new things, like the bouncy seat and pacifiers. She has to share them quite frequently with Bubby.

We did not make it to Arkansas this weekend as planned because Emma and I were too sick. But we will very soon. I am feeling much better, Emma still has a bad cough, but hopefully that will clear up in the next day or two. My mom has jury duty the next four days, so my brother Matt is helping me out for the rest of the week. Hopefully it will be uneventful and we will sail right through.

We hope your new year has been as wonderful as ours. And pictures will follow shortly.

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Grammy said...

I think we are all in trouble because soon she will be reading and telling us how to do everything. I just love the stories about our babies.