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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Elliot today, isn't he adorable?Whew that flash was bright!
Elliot and his bouncy seat
Elliot loves to bounce

Emma and Elliot Laying togetherElliot in his big boy clothes going to his checkup
Elliot falls asleep
Emma eating a grapefruit or "frukie" as she calls it

Elliot with his mouth open
Emmy's daddy and Emmy
Emmy and Emmy's daddy in the DARK CAVE
Emmy next to her dark cave
Emmy and mommy
Elliot with Daddy
Emmy at the table
Emmy with her frukie and bottle wearing mommy's tshirt
Elliot finds baby Susan *the doll*
Emma discovers frost on the window panes
YEAH frost is fun
Elliot is tuckered
Elliot and daddy
Princess should get some time in the limelight too.

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Kelly Griffin said...

Hey Mary,
I love the pictures. I am glad to see all are doing well. I hate that you have had migraines lately abut understand. It has been tough up at the Jude but I reckon it will get better sooner or later if I don't quit first. Can't wait to see ya again. He is precious.
Kelly Griffin