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Monday, January 29, 2007

100th post

We have offically posted our 100th post. That is entirely too many words about our life, but I am told people like to read it.

Well, Tal passed his Series 7 with an amazing 91%! Way to go Tal!!!!!! The national average is 73% and he hasn't even had a business class or degree. He has been studying hard for the past six weeks. But he also has had a few distractions. In addition to Elliot, he has had his Emmy to play with, my headaches and we have all had colds, we went out of town this weekend, and all the other little things we have done. We are so proud of him. He has one more test tomorrow, the 66. And then he will be done. Everything should be good to go after that.

We have been in Sheridan since Friday. We came to visit all the great grandparents, Grammy, Aunt Jamie, and all the other wonderful relatives. We had a great time visiting with MeMe and Granddaddy for lunch on Saturday. They had ribs, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, apple salad, and a host of other great foods. We also had Christmas with them. Emma got the cutest coat, a jewerly box and her change for her piggy bank. Elliot got his piggy bank and a great outfit as well as a blanket from one of his great-great aunts (MeMe's sister). I racked up with a cute coat, a recipe book full of cookie and brownie recipes and a cookie jar. Tal got a gift certificate for some pants and the most incredible scrapbook detailing his life thus far. It had every program, newspaper article, etc from his entire childhood and young adult life. It was awesome. Thanks, MeMe for all the hard work.

Emma had a great Christmas at Grammy's house too with Grammy and Aunt Jamie. She got tons of Dora things and her favorite new toys which are animals models. And to top it off she received the cutest pair of frog pjs and it has been the dickens to get them off of her. She currently is wearing the pj top with some jeans to go to town. Fortunately, you cannot tell it is pjs unless you knew. So we have an adventure trying to get her to understand that she can only wear pjs at night.

We then went to MawMaw's for her famous fried chicken, which was excellent by the way. We were joined by Tal's Aunt Vickie and Uncle Clinton, Counsins Beth and Ron and their two boys, Bryce and Rhett (they are the cutest boys, and Emma just adores them.), Lindsay and Reese, and Richard. We had a blast there swapping stories and letting Elliot sleep in MawMaw's arms. It was the quietest he had been all weekend. It was great seeing everyone.

The only reason we regret moving back to Memphis is that was are so far away from all the wonderful people that we are privileged to call relatives. They are such a blessing to us and we will be counting the days until we can see them all again.

So the other big announcement is that I am typing on our new computer right now that Grammy got for Tal and I for Christmas. We are very thankful for it, and thanks to the laptop and wireless internet and the fact that I can stick the memory card right into the side of my laptop, I should have more updates more frequently. YEAH!!

And I am still in Arkansas, because our car sprung a gas leak on the way here. Thanks to Granddaddy we smelled it on Saturday. We decided it would be better to have it fixed here and since I am not working this week, I decided to just say here while Tal took his test. Grammy played hooky with us today and she and Emma are off on an adventure getting car tags and Destin. Elliot is getting a much needed nap and I might try to do the same, since it is quite quiet at the moment!

Enjoy the pictures.

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Amber said...

Congrats to Tal! That is great news!