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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekend update

So, I finally am sitting at the computer, once again at 2am....Maybe this will end soon.

Friday went well. My family traveled to Gatlinburg, TN to join Matthew to celebrate his graduation. I cannot believe that we are all done with college. Mark still has a semester in dental school, but that is a little different. We have all finished undergraduate now. They had a great trip, stopping in Nashville to pick up my mom's sister, Fran. We wished we could go, but this just wasn't the year for us. Emma and I hung out at home, while Tal went to work. I was definitely not feeling well, but made it through the day. Emma was such a good little girl, even taking a nap for me. Very weird for her!

Tal's mom came in town on Friday night to spend the weekend with us. To be there in case of the need for a babysitter, but also to celebrate Emma's second birthday with us. Saturday we went to the zoo with her. She was so excited about going to the zoo, she could barely contain herself. When we told her, she ran around the kitchen yelling and squealing at the top of her lungs. Then it was a chore getting her to settle done and eat breakfast and then get ready to go. We picked up lunch on the way to eat at the zoo, big mistake, we should have eaten on the way. Emma did not eat a bite. She played with her new digital camera that Grammy by way of a big miracle and sharp eyes of Aunt Jamie, found for her birthday. She took pictures everywhere. She loves her new fisher price pink digital camera. So keep your eyes out for Emma's pictures of the week. We were there almost four hours. The weather was a little cooler than it had been 68 and cloudy, but still marvelous. And the animals were putting on shows most of the places we went. It was a lot of fun. We were all worn out though by the time we were finished. We took a quick nap before going to grab some Chinese.

Sunday was Emma Grace's second birthday. We went to Perkins for pancakes. Then we did a few errands before returning to the house. Emma and Tal started making a ginger bread house before she crashed for a nap. She was sad that Grammy was gone when she woke up, but we reassured her Grammy would be back in a few days to see Elliot. They finished decorating their house when she woke up and it is cute as it can be. She calls it the candy house, and the icing "hot water" since when they were reading the instructions, the first one said to put the icing bag into hot water. So I guess for now, icing will be called hot water.

My family arrived later that night, and of course, Emma insisted on staying up to see them. She was thrilled to see all her uncles and her grandparents. I had a hard time convincing her to go to sleep again. But we did, promising her that since I had to go to the doctor again on Monday, she would get to play with "Nuther Momma" which is what she has dutifully begun calling my mother.

So I went to the doctor today. Things are about the same, getting closer, and for sure by this time on Wednesday well, I guess Thursday morning at 2am, I will be catching naps between taking care of a newborn. I am still not feeling great, but that is okay, we will deal with one thing at a time. And I know God will give me the strength to handle whatever.

Tonight Emma was watching football with my family. Somewhere along her few months here, she has learned that when she sees a tackle, she should scream "SMACKO" at the top of her lungs. So we heard a lot of smackos and then she would run up and tackle everyone. It was so cute. I had to get the video out for that. I just cannot imagine what a little boy is going to be like, since she is so into sports. Hopefully, Elliot will be a little more sedate!

So the prayer requests are as follows:
1. health for me and Elliot, with a great delivery
2. my mom has my cold now and isn't feeling well at all (it is a particularly brutal cold) pray for her healing
3. ease of adjustment for Emma and smooth time during hospital stay
4. that our house sells
5. safety in travel for all relatives during Elliot's birth and holidays
6. Big Daddy's continued healing and just for peace for him during the days

Talk to you soon!

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Grammy said...

Tell Emma that Grammy will be there tomorrow to see her and Elliot