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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday update

Wednesday has come and nothing much new has happened. Tal made it through his first day of work yesterday. He was a little worn out, it is different from taking care of a two year old all day. But he was glad to be working.

I did not feel quite as well today as I had been feeling. I am conserving my energy though because we have to go get Tal some black suit pants to match a suit that he needs new pants for tonight. So I figured I better not use all my energy.

We got the official word that I am schedule for induction on the 20th of December at 5:30am. My doctor of course reiterated through the scheduler that this was just in case I went that long. But that is still fourteen days away. And anything could happen between now and then. But if not, that is the day. It would work out so nice because my family would be back home, and Tal would be able to take off almost a week because of Christmas without disrupting his schedule too much. So we will see. But anyday is good with me at this point. Just get this over with.

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