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Saturday, December 30, 2006


It is a lot harder to blog with two kids. But at the moment, Emma is in the bathtub, being assisted by Daddy. And Elliot is satisfied for the time being. Maybe I can write a little bit.

We have been home for eight days now and are starting to adjust to everything. Elliot is a dream. He has had a few fussy moments and nights, but for the most part he is the best baby ever. He is so easy. Although, I would not exchange Emma or her personality for anything in the world, I do have to say, it is a nice change to have a laid back personality in a baby. At this point with Emma, I was not sure if I would survive her first six weeks, much less first six years. But Elliot has made it feel so easy. He sleeps and eats and coos for the most part. The hardest thing with him is changing him fast enough because he hates to be cold. But other than that, he is so easy.

Emma is adjusting as well as to be expected. Mom pegged her though, she is either really okay with the whole situation or really not okay. There is no in between. She adores Elliot, but is a little perturbed with the whole fact that she is sharing her mommy. She orders other people to hold , "Bubby" as she has nicknamed him. Then she says, "Mommy, hold me." We think she got the name "Bubby" from hearing her daddy say "Buddy" and putting buddy and baby together. So he is mostly called, "Bubby" unless she is telling someone from outside the family about him and then it is "Baby Elliot". And sometimes when she is really mad, he becomes "IT". But I am glad to say she is starting to accept the new addition to our daily routine. She was not sure about the changes to our prior routine, but now is starting to get comfortable with our new routine. She loves to talk to him, kiss him, hold him. She is so cute when she comes up and wants to kiss on him. So gentle and sweet. Everyday, she checks to make sure he has all over his fingers and toes, and eyes, ears, mouth, nose, chin and cheeks. She has also become quite adept at helping change his diapers. She loves to help. And she is so great about taking the dirty diapers to the trash. So all in all, it has been fun having two.

Elliot had his first check up on Wednesday. He checked out at very healthy and has already begun gaining weight above his birth weight. Which is highly unusual, especially for a nursing babe. The doctor was very pleased. We don't have to go back to see the doctor for another three weeks. YEAH! Although, Emma has her check up in two weeks, so I will busy back and forth to the doctor for the next month and a half with the two kids. It was tricky taking both of them, but fortunately my mom was able to go with me, so I had some wonderful help. But Emma won't be coming when we get shots. That is for sure. She did not like that he did not have his clothes on. So I am sure she would not like the needles poking her bubby.

So all in all things are terrific. Having two kids is so much fun. And we cannot wait for more, just not this second. It was hard for me to realize that I was having another child after losing the baby in March. I guess part of me did not want to get too excited. But that first night when I was alone with Elliot in the hospital (Tal had to go keep Emma everything was just too much for her, so Elliot and I stayed at the hospital by ourselves) I was sitting there looking at him just overwhelmed with how good God is. And we are so blessed to have him with us. Thank you all for your prayers, love and support this year as we have seen God blessing on our little family. Looking forward to the new year and all that is to come.


Amber said...

Great to hear Mary! You are doing such an awesome job! Love ya lots!

Nicki Cooper said...

You guys are such a cute family of 4! Elliot and Emma are both just so precious. I hope you are doing well. We miss all miss you here in the Medicine Room. Hurry back!