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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pictures of Elliot

Baby Elliot

Emma holding her brother

Great Grandma Nicky Holding Elliot

Another Picture of Emma holding Elliot

Grammy holding Elliot


Nuther Momma Holding Elliot

Uncle Mark holding Elliot

Uncle Matt and JET (Matt's new nickname for Elliot)


Salley said...

That is sooo funny of Uncle Matts nick name for Elliot because I had thought of JETE hope you all are well! Love, Cousin Salley

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the family Elliott. We are so happy that you are here. Tell your big sister Emma Grace Hi. I know that your Mom and Dad are glad you are here. May God bless you and your family.

Love Great Aunt Vickie, Great Uncle Clinton, and Cousin Salley

aunt jamie said...

Yeah! Welcome to the world, Elliot. I'll be there to see you soon!

Amber said...

He is beautiful!!! What a cutie!
"Children are a blessing from the Lord!" "The fruit of the womb is BLESSED!" Mary, you are a champ! Way to go girly! You look great too! Emma looks like she is going to be a wonderful big sister. :) Ya'll take care and rest up!
Lots of Love!

Anonymous said...

hey this is brittany robinson well elliot is so cute well i love and miss yall so much!!!!!well it has been forever sience i have seen yall well i guess i better go so love yall tall-mary-emma and the youngster elliot!!!well buh bye
brittany robinson

Alisha Steele said...

Tal, Mary and Emma - Congratulations on the newest Ewing! Elliot is precious. What a wonderful christmas present! We are so excited for yall and praying for you during this hectic time! God bless -- Josh, Alisha and Kyleigh Steele

The Charlebois said...

He is as handsome as can be. :)