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Thursday, December 14, 2006

No news

Just a quick update....

I wanted to write more about Emma Grace and all the new things she is doing. But it seems she has given me her cold, which has me slightly under the weather. Thankfully no contractions today, so I am at least only dealing with one thing at a time. I prayed that nothing would happen today and until I get over this head cold because I don't know if I could do a new baby with a bad cold. It would definitely be a joint operations between forces. But hopefully, I will feel better after all the good stuff mom has been feeding me. And she let me get some rest this afternoon when she took Emma Grace with her on her errands.

The big prayer request is that we don't deliever this weekend. My whole family will be out of town, and it would be so nice to have them back. Matt is graduating! Go Matt! And we are not going to get to go, but we will be here cheering him on. So will keep you updated. Pray for safe travels, healing from all these colds that are going around, and no baby until at least Monday.


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