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Monday, December 04, 2006

News, but no baby yet

Today was my weekly doctor's appointment. It went expectionally well. Thank the Lord. Things are progessing very well. He said that it could be any minute. But in case he is wrong, we scheduled an induction for the 20th of December. If the hospital has room that day, that will be the day unless he comes before then. I am free an clear to move about though and have used my time to help vacuum, decorate the house and other things of that nature. Emma is also glad that I won't be so wimpy as I have been. Still, I have to take it easy, but that is just because I am huge! I am still having contractions and difficulty sleeping at night, but the end is in sight!

On to better news, Tal has a temporary job. He will be starting tomorrow morning working at the office he has applied to work at doing some office type work and studying to be a full fledged planner. Although it is not exactly doing what he will be doing, it is a step in the right direction. And the income from this little job won't come close to sufficing for our needs, but it is a step in the right direction! And a big praise, we could not be happier about it. God is so good.

Emma has been so good these past few days. She has thrown less and less fits, so something must be working. She talks all the time about Elliot, and that is probably because baby things are appearing everywhere. It is so cute. Tomorrow she and I are going to take Grandmommy and some food over to the Villages to eat with Big Daddy, because it is Grandmommy's birthday. That should be fun. Mom, Dad, Mike, Tal, Emma and I ate there yesterday for lunch. It seems to brighten his day a little. So that will be our birthday lunch with Grandmommy.

Today she and I put garland, which she calls tree branches, on the stair banister. A little crooked, but we will fix it when she is not looking. And then she and I put out the nativity scene. Nothing in the right place of course. She is in love with everything Christmas at this point. The pretty tree she calls the Christmas tree, and she knows that Santa says, "HO< HO HO" and brings presents. So it should be fun watching her learn more about the season. She is starting to repeat that we celebrate Jesus's birthday. Which she will understand a little more after we celebrate her birthday in 13 days. She does know that birthdays and more specifically parties mean cake and presents.

Well, I better run. Emma is down for a nap and that is prime time for me. I will update soon. If anything happens, you will know.

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