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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Emma pics.....her final day to herself

Emma at the zoo with her beloved tigers.....we went for her birthday
Emma and Mommy looking at animals together
Emma pets a cow
Emma and daddy watching a John Wayne moving together and eating ice.
Emma blows out her candle for her second birthday! And she can tell you that she is two!
Emma scrubbing the dishes, which is her nightly chore. And she actually throws a fit when she doesn't get to do it.
Emma playing like she is a birdy in the nest. Her and Two Dad make a nest out of pillows.
Another dish washing night. Notice she now makes them both wear aprons.
Emma helping her daddy get laundry
Emma ready to go to the zoo!
Emma playing cars at Thanksgiving.
Emma got an early birthday present from Aunt Fran. One of her favorite things, puzzles. And we have had a blast with it.
Emma, Mommy, and Nuther Momma
Emma getting the Christmas tree
Emma with her pretty tree
Emma and mommy at the St. Louis zoo.
Blogger in the making
Emma doing demo
Emma watching demo, and yes, she is over seven feet in the air. Scary for her mom.
Emma drinking a little water while resting from all the work being cute.

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