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Monday, November 06, 2006

Technically challenged

Okay, I am so bad with computers it isn't funny. So my big goal tomorrow is to go and get a CD burned so that I can post pictures. Then there will be about fifteen posts worth of pictures.

This weekend went so fast. Tal did stay home with us. We decided by the time he got to Benton, he would probably get more done if he stayed here in Memphis and worked on getting appointments and finished up things in AR next weekend when we have a five day weekend. So thankfully, I had him all weekend to help out with the munckin. And she had a blast!

Saturday, we had a picnic lunch with Big Daddy in his room. We brought him Wendys. She was in rare form, she likes to say, "Boo" to everyone now and scare them. No matter what is going on she think she has scared you. So she did that. We ended up leaving because both Emma and Big Daddy were in need of a nap. When we got home, Emma was running around getting ready to drink her milk before going to sleep when she had a big crash and hit her head hard on the wood floor. It scared me more than it hurt her I think. She promptly fell asleep, which made me nervous the good neuro nurse that I am does not like sleeping after a head injury. Especially when it is Emma who never goes to sleep that easy. But she awoke full of vibrance, which reassured me greatly. We then watched the UT game until it was time to go see Big Daddy on our way to eat with Deryl, Tracy, Reese, and Sam. We dropped off the truck for my Uncle Phillip to drive back to Jackson, and then went in to tell Big Daddy good night. Emma got a huge treat, because Jojo, the Golden Retriever that lives on the Assisted Living side of the Villages was over for a visit. He ran right up to her and she loved it. Now she thinks nursing homes are the greatest because they have birds and dogs.

We had a lovely dinner with Reese and his parents. Unfortunately, Emma did not quite understand why she and Reese were not at the park, because she associates Reese with playing at parks. But she settled for learning how to jump off a stool from him. She has a long way to go with her coordination, but she had a blast doing it. She was so tired by the end of the night, she actually asked to go home. So we did!

Sunday was so beautiful. I had trouble with my stomach, so I had a hard time sleeping. Tal let me take a little nap and get a little juice in my tank which was so nice! Emma woke up in rare form though. Then she helped her daddy clean the downstairs. She loves to pick up the lent and dog hair. So she follows Tal around with a dust pan and helps him by taking each pile to the trash. She then went out to play while I made a lasagna for them to eat on Monday. She decided she was too excited to nap because it was so nice. So Tal and Emma took Princess out to the pond to swim. She thought that was the bomb! Tal called me since I was inside and all I could hear over the phone was Emma screaming "Momma, puppy water branch!" So I went out and Emma and I collected branches to let Tal throw to Princess. She retrieved about twenty of them before it was time to get out. She would have done more, but Princess is known to get too tired while swimming. I did not want to clean a dog and a wet daddy. So Princess got her bath and Emma and I watched out the window. Emma thought it was even cooler that Princess was getting a scrub scrub.

We were going to see Big Daddy after that, but Emma fell asleep as we were getting ready to leave and slept for three hours. Which royally threw off her sleep schedule. I had to get up early to go to a doctors appointment, so at one am when she still wasn't too tired. I was rethinking letting her sleep during her nap. But I did get to sleep, and at this point, I am still awake for now. But I still have four hours left to go....

My doctors appointment went well. Everything is looking good. I am four and a half weeks away from being full term. And six and a half week until my due date. I go back again in two weeks. He is still concerned about my sugars and was not too happy I would not take the test, but I assured him that I was going to stay on the diet and not let my sugars get high. So I have to stick my finger a bunch for the next few weeks. But little price to pay. It will just be a few more weeks anyway. And at this point I am measuring a little under schedule anyway.

Well that is the news for the weekend. Nothing big really. I guess to our prayer list, you can add my grandfather named, Grand Berry Bill, my dad's dad. He is having some tests run for a health issue. No other requests other than that!


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