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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quick update

Well, I got the pictures to Target, but did not get the CD picked up. But Emma and I have some errands to run tomorrow, so we will pick it up and upload them tomorrow. FINALLY!

This week has been only slightly eventful. Tuesday, Emma and I had fun together. We waited for the plumber to come and look at the water heaters before we ran to get diapers and a few things we needed for dinner. She had fun paying everywhere we went. She likes Fresh Market the best because they let her walk up to where they are standing and hand them the cash. Then they give the change back to her. She sticks it in her pocket and says, "bye, Bye!!" Yesterday, mom's friend, Angela, that works there came running out in the parking lot with a little sack of two strawberries, knowing Emma loves strawberries. Emma thought she had struck gold. All she talked about for the next hour was those strawberries.

She did not take a nap for me that afternoon, so Tal let me lay down for awhile and take a little nap. Then I ran to see Big Daddy, while Emma was still laying in bed watching Diego with her dad. They were funny because both had their arms behind their heads with blankets over their legs. She was imitating him I think. Then I got back and made dinner. We had the privilege of having Mark with us for dinner. Unfortunately, Emma has had a cold all week and was not feeling well at all that night. So she sat in my lap during dinner and then finally fell asleep for me a little after dinner. She woke up very distressed though. She had a horrible diaper rash and her nose was so stuff up. So Tal and I got her diaper changed and medicated. Then she asked to have her daddy pray for her. After that she was fine, she helped me with the laundry. Which was great. She learned how to put stain remover on the pants and then helped me put them in the washer. After that she played with her granddad and Tal, while I tried to gear up for work on Wednesday.

I had a class all day yesterday. My legs were so swollen after sitting all day. I felt horrible. I had regular braxton hicks, but fortunately after about 12 hours they went away. I did not get much sleep though, which was definitely a bummer today when I had to get up for work again. But other than a little swelling, I was much better today. I don't want to have the baby this early because it is too early. But give me a couple weeks and I will be happy to have those contractions.

Tal just called and told me that Emma kicked him out of the laundry room while he was trying to put the laundry from the washer to the dryer. She told him, "go, I do it." She would not let him in the room. She thinks she is so big. I guess it will be very helpful when she is older, huh?

Tomorrow Tal is working on his job stuff, Emma and I are having lunch with a friend, then we are getting dinner ready for Uncle Matt and everyone else that is there. And we have to pack to get ready for Arkansas. We have a lot of stuff to finish up this weekend. And I am not thrilled about going. But I might just camp out on the couch if I have to. So that is our story, and we are sticking to it! Hope to have pictures tomorrow. But don't hold your breath.


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