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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quick Update

Tal got a call today asking for a second interview following up from the interview he had a few weeks ago. The man he was interviewing with said that they had gotten his paperwork back and everything was good to go ahead. So he will meet with them Thursday morning. I am off work, so it was perfect for me to be able to keep Emma Grace. Pray that if this is the Lord's will, everything will continue to work out for him.

A quick story about the Gracie girl! Last night she was in rare form as she slept. She was talking in her sleep and I could understand her. She was sitting there with her eyes open, but asleep saying, "Oh, its a green baa baa. Its milk...mmmmmm." And then she was out again. At one point, she was awake, and she said, "Momma, I need baa baa, More peazzzzeee, my tummy." I asked her if she was hungry and she said YES!!! She was so cute. She just cuddled and drank her milk and went back to sleep. She was in rare form this morning though. Today was not a crying day when I left. She saw me get my purse and said to my mom, "mommy go bye bye" I am glad that she is adjusting but part of me wants her to cry too.

So added to our list of prayers for the house, and Tal working on the house this weekend is the job interview, my continued health, my grandfather's recovery from an infection, and traveling mercies for a lot of people including my parents and Tal and I will be home with Emma all weekend by myself. So keep us all in prayers.


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