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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Prayer Request

This has been such a blurr of a week. Last week, Friday, I had to leave work early because I was not feeling well. After confering with the doctor, we decided I should rest over the weekend and keep my Monday morning appointment. When I arrived Monday, he said if everything checked out, I would be good to go back to work. But after finishing my blood work and other examines, he decided temporary bedrest was the way to go. I have had excessive contractions as he put it, causing me to begin dilating, which is not too bad, except he doesn't want me to deliver before 39 weeks of at all possible. (Which is three weeks from today.) So he made me stay home from work this week, and is going to re-evaluate me next Monday morning for the possibility that I can return to work on a week by week basis.

So here are the two major prayer requests:

1. that I do not go into labor at least for another 14 days, and prayfully 21 days. And if I do, that God will prepare Elliot's lungs, which is the major concern with white male babies. They tend to have slower development and longer stays in the ICU if premature due to lung issues.

2. If I am unable to work, that God will open up doors for Tal to work soon. (Which we will know more today about that.) and that He will sell our house soon, so we can go ahead and not have that payment to make every month. And just generally, that He provides for our next two to three months finances, since we have no idea where it is going to come from. But He has never left us stranded!

So, I will try to update more later. And you will be the first to know if anything happens!

1 comment:

The Charlebois said...

We are definitely praying for you guys, Mary. Bedrest would stink, stink, STINK! Especially with another small one running around the house.
I have no doubt that when Elliot comes, he will be healthy and whole.