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Friday, November 10, 2006

Pictures are here!

Cannot write much because have to get to bed. I will update you on the weekend when we get back from Arkansas on Tuesday. Pray that we get everything done!

Emma after her bath, warming up and watching Diego. This child would not let a blanket near her for almost two years and now she has stolen my big thick, hot one!
Emma and her Dora PJ's. She got warm and decided to pose for me.
Emma picked out her own hat and gloves. She did not want the general pink or white one, she had to have the animal one. And she loves to wear it around the house to play in. No matter how cold it is outside.
Emma discovered the mud. She was having so much fun just sitting in the dirt playing with herself.
At first, she was playing out in the yard by herself then Tal went near her and she was not happy. we are sure what she was doing over there, but she was having fun. and Muddy!
This is Emma with her backpack. That is as big as she is and full of books and toys to take to Big Daddy's house. She thinks she is so big!
Emma found a roll of pink wrapping paper and was playing in it. She was in her own little world. She used it as a wrap and would walk around like a princess. It was adorable.
Here she is again with her wrapping paper.
Emma found her bathing suit the other day. I wish I had gotten the picture of her with it over her clothes. She was headed out to the next door neighbor's pool when we convinced her that 50 degree weather it would be better in the tub. So she played and had a grand time!

Emma loves any type of glove. And here she is running around with two as big as she is.
She has started wrapping herself in blankets. And being goofy as usual!
She stole Elliot's hat the other day and wore it around. She is my little ragamuffin!
Here she is with pretzels. She is so grown up looking laying there eating pretzels on the bed.
Go Vols!
She is here helping Two Dad wash his car! She thought she was so big.
Another washing pictures.

Emma with her Uncle Mike!

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