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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

News from the Queen of the bedrest

Well, I went back to the doctor on Monday and am out of work until after Elliot arrives. He said it could be anyday now. So as much as I am off my feet the better. Although by the time, I had gone to work to get the paperwork that the doctor lost for my employment and back to where it needed to go and then back to the hospital to register and then home it was like nine hours of chaos, so I don't know if that qualifies as bedrest or not. But I did stay in bed all day today. Of course, I still cannot get to sleep because I feel not quite wonderful right now, but that is another story altogether.

Tal should know something more about his potential job tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers. He doesn't know exactly what time he is going in to meet them, but sometime tomorrow.

Prayer requests:

Of course, Elliot and I.
Tal's job
Emma adjusting to everything (She has had several meltdowns recently. Some actually where quite humorous afterward, but meltdowns nontheless. On Thanksgiving, she was walking out to the car from the nursing home where Big Daddy lives. She hates to hold hands in the parking lots, and was throwing a fit. Well, apparently that little mind figured out how to get the better of her parents. On the way home, she complained about her hand hurting her. She would not use it at all. And screamed as I tried to change her out of her dress into play clothes. I was about to get back in the car and head off to the hospital. Poor Tal, thought he had hurt her. But then she started playing with my hair with the hand behind my back. Uncle Matt caught her doing it and suggested we get her to use her hand for us. So we got her to push my hand with her other hand then asked her to push it with both hands. And she did. When she realized she had been had, she jumped down and started playing like nothing was wrong. Of course, she got in trouble for it, but it amazed me that she could be that insightful through the whole thing.

Then tonight, she was refusing to eat her meatloaf. (That by the way she had helped make and was so excited about until it came to eating. But meatloaf has been one of her favorites.) We told her she could not play until she ate one bite of meat. She started throwing a fit, and so we made her stop and ask Jesus for help changing her attitude. When that did not help, she got another form of punishment, which she did not like so much. Finally, she took a bite. As soon as she had started chewing, she had another on her fork ready to eat it. Not thirty seconds later she was giggling and eating more than half of her meatloaf. We knew if she would just give her will in, she would like it. But she is a stubborn one, and lately she has had a hard time with it all. But tonight at bed time, she told me she was scared. When we asked her what she was scared about, she just started crying. I prayed for her not to be scared and asked Jesus to help her understand that mommy wasn't leaving her. She calmed down and said "All better!" So just pray that she continues to adjust to this whole move, new baby, and new jobs situation. We know that God has her in His hands!

More soon...

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