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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving


Things have been busy around here. Thanksgiving was a great day. My family prepared the meal and then took it up to Big Daddy's place to eat. It was the first holiday we have had a grandparent in the nursing home. But we were able to rent a lovely room and it was very homey! The food was delicious. I was able to help by making the rolls, a pecan/chocolate/coconut pie, an apple pie and a white cake with chocolate icing (which my grandfather likened to my grandmother's, which was one of the biggest cooking compliments I have ever received.), and Matt and I peeled the grapefruit for everyone. Tal has decided that we work entirely too hard for our food in this family. But we enjoy every minute of it!

We then spent Friday with Tal's mom and sister. Their hotel had fish and ducks in the lobby, so much of our time was spent down there with them. We were able to get Tal a new suit. Thank the Lord that he is a quicker shopper than most. I could not have stood up too much longer. And we had a lovely meal with his family. We had ourselves an Italian Thanksgiving. It was yummy!

As to our health and work updates.....I woke up Thanksgiving and just could not keep anything down for about thirty minutes, then started having incredibly rough contractions. I did not want to tell anyone, but told my dad and Tal. They prayed for me and they stopped and I was tired the rest of the day, but able to enjoy it. Then Friday, I began having a lot of trouble walking. Just very uncomfortable, so Tal has banished me to bed or couch only with no walking unless absolutely necessary. I am feeling better today after a good nights sleep. But I am still having slight contractions and discomfort.

Tal had a great meeting on Wednesday, and we should hear something by next week. I will most likely not be going back to work. So pray that God provides something for his soon. And that He helps us to learn to trust Him through this very trying time.

We love you all. and wish you a happy thanksgiving weekend!

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