You have to try this...Emma swears by it! Much better than any ointment we have tried ever....

Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nothing yet

Well, I am still not sleeping too well, but I was up to four hours last night versus the one the night before. And the funny thing is I don't sleep at all during the day, which is not fun for me. I hope that I get a little sleep before Elliot arrives. Other than that, things are good on this front.

Tal and I had to go to his interview. Everything sounds good, but we are waiting for an official word on actual hire and start date. So keep praying.

We will update more when we have more....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

News from the Queen of the bedrest

Well, I went back to the doctor on Monday and am out of work until after Elliot arrives. He said it could be anyday now. So as much as I am off my feet the better. Although by the time, I had gone to work to get the paperwork that the doctor lost for my employment and back to where it needed to go and then back to the hospital to register and then home it was like nine hours of chaos, so I don't know if that qualifies as bedrest or not. But I did stay in bed all day today. Of course, I still cannot get to sleep because I feel not quite wonderful right now, but that is another story altogether.

Tal should know something more about his potential job tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers. He doesn't know exactly what time he is going in to meet them, but sometime tomorrow.

Prayer requests:

Of course, Elliot and I.
Tal's job
Emma adjusting to everything (She has had several meltdowns recently. Some actually where quite humorous afterward, but meltdowns nontheless. On Thanksgiving, she was walking out to the car from the nursing home where Big Daddy lives. She hates to hold hands in the parking lots, and was throwing a fit. Well, apparently that little mind figured out how to get the better of her parents. On the way home, she complained about her hand hurting her. She would not use it at all. And screamed as I tried to change her out of her dress into play clothes. I was about to get back in the car and head off to the hospital. Poor Tal, thought he had hurt her. But then she started playing with my hair with the hand behind my back. Uncle Matt caught her doing it and suggested we get her to use her hand for us. So we got her to push my hand with her other hand then asked her to push it with both hands. And she did. When she realized she had been had, she jumped down and started playing like nothing was wrong. Of course, she got in trouble for it, but it amazed me that she could be that insightful through the whole thing.

Then tonight, she was refusing to eat her meatloaf. (That by the way she had helped make and was so excited about until it came to eating. But meatloaf has been one of her favorites.) We told her she could not play until she ate one bite of meat. She started throwing a fit, and so we made her stop and ask Jesus for help changing her attitude. When that did not help, she got another form of punishment, which she did not like so much. Finally, she took a bite. As soon as she had started chewing, she had another on her fork ready to eat it. Not thirty seconds later she was giggling and eating more than half of her meatloaf. We knew if she would just give her will in, she would like it. But she is a stubborn one, and lately she has had a hard time with it all. But tonight at bed time, she told me she was scared. When we asked her what she was scared about, she just started crying. I prayed for her not to be scared and asked Jesus to help her understand that mommy wasn't leaving her. She calmed down and said "All better!" So just pray that she continues to adjust to this whole move, new baby, and new jobs situation. We know that God has her in His hands!

More soon...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving


Things have been busy around here. Thanksgiving was a great day. My family prepared the meal and then took it up to Big Daddy's place to eat. It was the first holiday we have had a grandparent in the nursing home. But we were able to rent a lovely room and it was very homey! The food was delicious. I was able to help by making the rolls, a pecan/chocolate/coconut pie, an apple pie and a white cake with chocolate icing (which my grandfather likened to my grandmother's, which was one of the biggest cooking compliments I have ever received.), and Matt and I peeled the grapefruit for everyone. Tal has decided that we work entirely too hard for our food in this family. But we enjoy every minute of it!

We then spent Friday with Tal's mom and sister. Their hotel had fish and ducks in the lobby, so much of our time was spent down there with them. We were able to get Tal a new suit. Thank the Lord that he is a quicker shopper than most. I could not have stood up too much longer. And we had a lovely meal with his family. We had ourselves an Italian Thanksgiving. It was yummy!

As to our health and work updates.....I woke up Thanksgiving and just could not keep anything down for about thirty minutes, then started having incredibly rough contractions. I did not want to tell anyone, but told my dad and Tal. They prayed for me and they stopped and I was tired the rest of the day, but able to enjoy it. Then Friday, I began having a lot of trouble walking. Just very uncomfortable, so Tal has banished me to bed or couch only with no walking unless absolutely necessary. I am feeling better today after a good nights sleep. But I am still having slight contractions and discomfort.

Tal had a great meeting on Wednesday, and we should hear something by next week. I will most likely not be going back to work. So pray that God provides something for his soon. And that He helps us to learn to trust Him through this very trying time.

We love you all. and wish you a happy thanksgiving weekend!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Prayer Request

This has been such a blurr of a week. Last week, Friday, I had to leave work early because I was not feeling well. After confering with the doctor, we decided I should rest over the weekend and keep my Monday morning appointment. When I arrived Monday, he said if everything checked out, I would be good to go back to work. But after finishing my blood work and other examines, he decided temporary bedrest was the way to go. I have had excessive contractions as he put it, causing me to begin dilating, which is not too bad, except he doesn't want me to deliver before 39 weeks of at all possible. (Which is three weeks from today.) So he made me stay home from work this week, and is going to re-evaluate me next Monday morning for the possibility that I can return to work on a week by week basis.

So here are the two major prayer requests:

1. that I do not go into labor at least for another 14 days, and prayfully 21 days. And if I do, that God will prepare Elliot's lungs, which is the major concern with white male babies. They tend to have slower development and longer stays in the ICU if premature due to lung issues.

2. If I am unable to work, that God will open up doors for Tal to work soon. (Which we will know more today about that.) and that He will sell our house soon, so we can go ahead and not have that payment to make every month. And just generally, that He provides for our next two to three months finances, since we have no idea where it is going to come from. But He has never left us stranded!

So, I will try to update more later. And you will be the first to know if anything happens!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Weekend is Over

We just got back last night. I thought about going to the computer to update you all for about two seconds and then opted to go to bed instead. And I am glad because I barely stayed awake for the second half of my chemo class that I took today. But I did make it through it all, and I even faired much better than last week. No contractions and not much swelling, thank the Lord!!!

We worked so hard this weekend. We stayed busy. The tiling is done and it looks awesome. Tal did a fantastic job. I cannot believe I don't get to enjoy it. But someone will! He also finished up the guest bathroom, which looks awesome. That too, I don't want to leave, but since I have to, I will just have to remember the color for our next place. We did finally get all the stuff that had to be done before the house could go on the market. So it has a sign in the yard and is up on the web!!!! Actually, it should be on the web, but it isn't yet, so I will update you when it is. And when I get it, I will put pictures that we have on the blog.

Emma had a blast seeing her daddy's side of the family. She is just blossoming into a sweet little girl. I am so thankful that we get to be her parents. She is carrying around her doll named Elliot now, playing mommy. So I think she is getting excited about having a baby at her house.

This week is busy for us with working and getting Tal's interviews done. He has to go back and work with the yard this weekend. I think Emma and I might go with my parents to Jackson for the day on Saturday. She hasn't been to my grandfather's house much and I want to make sure I get to see it before it gets sold. I am not sure that I will make it back up there.

Well, we are 35 weeks and counting with Elliot. I cannot believe that things are getting so close. We got a diaper bag and a few other little things this weekend. At least he will have a blue diaper bag and a green blanket! No pink for him!

Well, I will write more soon. I am also going to put caption on the pictures from last week!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Pictures are here!

Cannot write much because have to get to bed. I will update you on the weekend when we get back from Arkansas on Tuesday. Pray that we get everything done!

Emma after her bath, warming up and watching Diego. This child would not let a blanket near her for almost two years and now she has stolen my big thick, hot one!
Emma and her Dora PJ's. She got warm and decided to pose for me.
Emma picked out her own hat and gloves. She did not want the general pink or white one, she had to have the animal one. And she loves to wear it around the house to play in. No matter how cold it is outside.
Emma discovered the mud. She was having so much fun just sitting in the dirt playing with herself.
At first, she was playing out in the yard by herself then Tal went near her and she was not happy. we are sure what she was doing over there, but she was having fun. and Muddy!
This is Emma with her backpack. That is as big as she is and full of books and toys to take to Big Daddy's house. She thinks she is so big!
Emma found a roll of pink wrapping paper and was playing in it. She was in her own little world. She used it as a wrap and would walk around like a princess. It was adorable.
Here she is again with her wrapping paper.
Emma found her bathing suit the other day. I wish I had gotten the picture of her with it over her clothes. She was headed out to the next door neighbor's pool when we convinced her that 50 degree weather it would be better in the tub. So she played and had a grand time!

Emma loves any type of glove. And here she is running around with two as big as she is.
She has started wrapping herself in blankets. And being goofy as usual!
She stole Elliot's hat the other day and wore it around. She is my little ragamuffin!
Here she is with pretzels. She is so grown up looking laying there eating pretzels on the bed.
Go Vols!
She is here helping Two Dad wash his car! She thought she was so big.
Another washing pictures.

Emma with her Uncle Mike!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quick update

Well, I got the pictures to Target, but did not get the CD picked up. But Emma and I have some errands to run tomorrow, so we will pick it up and upload them tomorrow. FINALLY!

This week has been only slightly eventful. Tuesday, Emma and I had fun together. We waited for the plumber to come and look at the water heaters before we ran to get diapers and a few things we needed for dinner. She had fun paying everywhere we went. She likes Fresh Market the best because they let her walk up to where they are standing and hand them the cash. Then they give the change back to her. She sticks it in her pocket and says, "bye, Bye!!" Yesterday, mom's friend, Angela, that works there came running out in the parking lot with a little sack of two strawberries, knowing Emma loves strawberries. Emma thought she had struck gold. All she talked about for the next hour was those strawberries.

She did not take a nap for me that afternoon, so Tal let me lay down for awhile and take a little nap. Then I ran to see Big Daddy, while Emma was still laying in bed watching Diego with her dad. They were funny because both had their arms behind their heads with blankets over their legs. She was imitating him I think. Then I got back and made dinner. We had the privilege of having Mark with us for dinner. Unfortunately, Emma has had a cold all week and was not feeling well at all that night. So she sat in my lap during dinner and then finally fell asleep for me a little after dinner. She woke up very distressed though. She had a horrible diaper rash and her nose was so stuff up. So Tal and I got her diaper changed and medicated. Then she asked to have her daddy pray for her. After that she was fine, she helped me with the laundry. Which was great. She learned how to put stain remover on the pants and then helped me put them in the washer. After that she played with her granddad and Tal, while I tried to gear up for work on Wednesday.

I had a class all day yesterday. My legs were so swollen after sitting all day. I felt horrible. I had regular braxton hicks, but fortunately after about 12 hours they went away. I did not get much sleep though, which was definitely a bummer today when I had to get up for work again. But other than a little swelling, I was much better today. I don't want to have the baby this early because it is too early. But give me a couple weeks and I will be happy to have those contractions.

Tal just called and told me that Emma kicked him out of the laundry room while he was trying to put the laundry from the washer to the dryer. She told him, "go, I do it." She would not let him in the room. She thinks she is so big. I guess it will be very helpful when she is older, huh?

Tomorrow Tal is working on his job stuff, Emma and I are having lunch with a friend, then we are getting dinner ready for Uncle Matt and everyone else that is there. And we have to pack to get ready for Arkansas. We have a lot of stuff to finish up this weekend. And I am not thrilled about going. But I might just camp out on the couch if I have to. So that is our story, and we are sticking to it! Hope to have pictures tomorrow. But don't hold your breath.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Technically challenged

Okay, I am so bad with computers it isn't funny. So my big goal tomorrow is to go and get a CD burned so that I can post pictures. Then there will be about fifteen posts worth of pictures.

This weekend went so fast. Tal did stay home with us. We decided by the time he got to Benton, he would probably get more done if he stayed here in Memphis and worked on getting appointments and finished up things in AR next weekend when we have a five day weekend. So thankfully, I had him all weekend to help out with the munckin. And she had a blast!

Saturday, we had a picnic lunch with Big Daddy in his room. We brought him Wendys. She was in rare form, she likes to say, "Boo" to everyone now and scare them. No matter what is going on she think she has scared you. So she did that. We ended up leaving because both Emma and Big Daddy were in need of a nap. When we got home, Emma was running around getting ready to drink her milk before going to sleep when she had a big crash and hit her head hard on the wood floor. It scared me more than it hurt her I think. She promptly fell asleep, which made me nervous the good neuro nurse that I am does not like sleeping after a head injury. Especially when it is Emma who never goes to sleep that easy. But she awoke full of vibrance, which reassured me greatly. We then watched the UT game until it was time to go see Big Daddy on our way to eat with Deryl, Tracy, Reese, and Sam. We dropped off the truck for my Uncle Phillip to drive back to Jackson, and then went in to tell Big Daddy good night. Emma got a huge treat, because Jojo, the Golden Retriever that lives on the Assisted Living side of the Villages was over for a visit. He ran right up to her and she loved it. Now she thinks nursing homes are the greatest because they have birds and dogs.

We had a lovely dinner with Reese and his parents. Unfortunately, Emma did not quite understand why she and Reese were not at the park, because she associates Reese with playing at parks. But she settled for learning how to jump off a stool from him. She has a long way to go with her coordination, but she had a blast doing it. She was so tired by the end of the night, she actually asked to go home. So we did!

Sunday was so beautiful. I had trouble with my stomach, so I had a hard time sleeping. Tal let me take a little nap and get a little juice in my tank which was so nice! Emma woke up in rare form though. Then she helped her daddy clean the downstairs. She loves to pick up the lent and dog hair. So she follows Tal around with a dust pan and helps him by taking each pile to the trash. She then went out to play while I made a lasagna for them to eat on Monday. She decided she was too excited to nap because it was so nice. So Tal and Emma took Princess out to the pond to swim. She thought that was the bomb! Tal called me since I was inside and all I could hear over the phone was Emma screaming "Momma, puppy water branch!" So I went out and Emma and I collected branches to let Tal throw to Princess. She retrieved about twenty of them before it was time to get out. She would have done more, but Princess is known to get too tired while swimming. I did not want to clean a dog and a wet daddy. So Princess got her bath and Emma and I watched out the window. Emma thought it was even cooler that Princess was getting a scrub scrub.

We were going to see Big Daddy after that, but Emma fell asleep as we were getting ready to leave and slept for three hours. Which royally threw off her sleep schedule. I had to get up early to go to a doctors appointment, so at one am when she still wasn't too tired. I was rethinking letting her sleep during her nap. But I did get to sleep, and at this point, I am still awake for now. But I still have four hours left to go....

My doctors appointment went well. Everything is looking good. I am four and a half weeks away from being full term. And six and a half week until my due date. I go back again in two weeks. He is still concerned about my sugars and was not too happy I would not take the test, but I assured him that I was going to stay on the diet and not let my sugars get high. So I have to stick my finger a bunch for the next few weeks. But little price to pay. It will just be a few more weeks anyway. And at this point I am measuring a little under schedule anyway.

Well that is the news for the weekend. Nothing big really. I guess to our prayer list, you can add my grandfather named, Grand Berry Bill, my dad's dad. He is having some tests run for a health issue. No other requests other than that!


Friday, November 03, 2006

Sorry no pictures yet

I tried to upload pictures yesterday, but unfortunately could not get it done. I will go to Wal-Mart tomorrow and burn a CD so that we can get some on the web.

Tal had a great interview yesterday. Things are looking bright for that job, keep praying!

I have been more and more tired lately. Tal might stay in town this weekend, we haven't decided. But everything other than that is going great!

More tomorrow....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quick Update

Tal got a call today asking for a second interview following up from the interview he had a few weeks ago. The man he was interviewing with said that they had gotten his paperwork back and everything was good to go ahead. So he will meet with them Thursday morning. I am off work, so it was perfect for me to be able to keep Emma Grace. Pray that if this is the Lord's will, everything will continue to work out for him.

A quick story about the Gracie girl! Last night she was in rare form as she slept. She was talking in her sleep and I could understand her. She was sitting there with her eyes open, but asleep saying, "Oh, its a green baa baa. Its milk...mmmmmm." And then she was out again. At one point, she was awake, and she said, "Momma, I need baa baa, More peazzzzeee, my tummy." I asked her if she was hungry and she said YES!!! She was so cute. She just cuddled and drank her milk and went back to sleep. She was in rare form this morning though. Today was not a crying day when I left. She saw me get my purse and said to my mom, "mommy go bye bye" I am glad that she is adjusting but part of me wants her to cry too.

So added to our list of prayers for the house, and Tal working on the house this weekend is the job interview, my continued health, my grandfather's recovery from an infection, and traveling mercies for a lot of people including my parents and Tal and I will be home with Emma all weekend by myself. So keep us all in prayers.