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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Update for the week...

Well, I am finally back at a computer that has internet access. We were home for a long weekend of five days. So I was not able to update anything. Also, I haven't taken a picture in way too long. But I will get some this weekend of our growing little girl for those of you who have requested an updated picture. She changes by the day...

So our house still is not on the market. We were so disappointed, but we have decided that our trust is in the Lord and His plans are higher than our plans. We worked so hard this weekend, but being new at home renovations and having a 22 month old just did not bode well for our time. Tal was a trooper. He worked so hard at getting our little home renovation projects finished. (Due to the fact that we have not actually had a vacation since we moved there, a few projects have just been slow to get finished over the past 11 months. So we are just now getting to them.) Tal got the crown molding up in the kitchen, which I am so sad to leave because I was right that it would look awesome in there. And we have no small thanks for Paw Paw, Tal's grandfather, because without him there would be no molding, or at least we would still be hanging it a week later. He is such a trooper. He was there walker and all, cutting molding and helping hang it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You don't know what a blessing you were and are. Tal also finsihed getting the hiddeous wallpaper out of the bathroom. The next owners should pay us nicely just for getting all the incredibly horrible wallpaper out of the house. But I guess they won't really know how bad it was, but I do have pictures!! So Tal still have a few more projects to complete, but we are closing in on a finish line. We did get all the rooms pretty much cleaned out of extra junk! After moving four times and now facing our fifth official move, we decided it was time to drop a few pounds in the stuff department. I think we filled no less than ten black trash bags worth of trash and junk to throw away. And there is a hefty mound in the dining room to be given away. And I am sure if I was pressed, I could find more to throw out. It has been a freeing experience. Tal and I went through the last two rooms on Monday night. I sat in the den with five boxes labeled: kitchen, Emma, bathroom, office, and general. I consolidated those two rooms, which were quite full down to those five smaller boxes (and pretty small boxes actually.) So we were quite proud of our accomplishments. It is my goal not to have a "junk" box this time. (And espeically not ten to twenty like it seems we have ended up with in the last few moves.) But our other moves were more rushed and we have had time to really go through things this time. The only noticable positive out of this whole ordeal.

Okay, so enough of that, except a plead for prayer that things move rapidly and we get a good offer once it is on the market. And that we aren't out too much money once all is said and done.

Now for Emma news... How did we end up with such a sweetie! God is the best, giving me that sweetheart of a girl. She has this thing where she goes "Hi, Momma, Hi, Momma..." and she will say it over and over and just smile at you. It melts your heart. She used to wave at the same time but now she just smiles. Or she will get the cell phone and instead of saying hi, she just waves at it. So adorable. I think she has settled in with life in Memphis. She actually acted like she was missing it, saying she wanted to come back to grandmommy's house. And when we were driving up today, she was waving her arms and saying "YEAH" when she recognized the subdivision. She ran right in and found grandmommy and I hear she did not let her out of her sight most of the day.

She was into everything this weekend. She had so much fun playing with toys she had forgotten she had. And keeping her eye on PawPaw and MeMe (and MawMaw and Grandaddy, but she now uses just the PawPAw and MeMe to refer to both of the grandparents.) She is usually so scared of loud noises but with the vaccuum, carpet shampooer, miter saw, and air compresser going, she finally got to where she wasn't so much as scared, but she would just make sure I was in sight. Then she would say, "OH" and clap. Paw PAw was wearing a hat on Tuesday, so of course Emma had to wear a hat too. She was wearing her Easter hat and everytime she went to look out the window to check on him, she had to find her hat to wear.

And drumroll, please, Emma is cutting her last two teeth! Well, she has a couple molars to go, but the major teeth, she is cutting now. She had a slight cold this weekend, but very slight and she had horrible diaper rash, that I thought maybe she had rotavirus. But thankfully, she was just cutting her last teeth!!!! Yeah.

Well, I better post this because I lost most of it last night. Tal has a job interview tomorrow! Keep him in your prayers. Tomorrow is also my last day this week. Yeah, Yeah!

Talk to you later!

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