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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time flies as we are having fun....

So it has been a few days since I last sat down to type on this thing.... Sorry for those who check everyday. I know it must be a little disappointing to not find anything. Anyway.....

So we came back to Memphis on October 1st, I think. (My days have been flying lately..) We moved our bed, most of our clothes, a few dressers and other little things to my parents house. Thanks to Jamie for helping load everything up on that Saturday and my dad for helping unload it when we got to his house that Sunday. We got things pretty settled that night, which was nice since I had to go to work the next day. Emma seems to be adjusting well to the new living arrangements. I miss our little house in Benton, but it is sinking in that it isn't really going to be our house anymore. The room that my parents are letting us use is very spacious and we are so thankful for the room. It will be especially nice when Elliot gets here to have the extra square feet.

I worked the next three days. Emma got to stay with Grandmommy on Tuesday because Tal went back to Benton to return the trailer and worked with Granddaddy on the house a little. She is having so much fun having lots of extra people around to entertain her. I think Uncle Mike is enjoying that she finally will talk to him, but he might enjoy not hearing Mike Mike thirty times a minute. Last night she had him holding her hands as she walked up the stairs (like a big kid one step at a time with the next foot going ot the next step, no baby steps for this girl.) and then he would pick her up and run down the stairs as she squealed at the top of her lungs. So cute, but I think she wore him out. Then Two Dad pulled her down the stairs upside down and on her head. She thinks that is the bomb. I am not sure I would like it too much.

So then on Thursday, October 5th, Tal, Mom, Dad, and Emma Grace and I left to drive to St. Louis. It wasn't a bad drive for us thankfully. We got there in time to check in the hotel have a great mexican dinner at a little restaurant we found, and then Tal and I went to the conference for the opening night. It was incredible. Voddie Baucham was one the the speakers that night. And it was so good. I just had chills down my spine as he relayed what God had laid on his heart to share. We were able to meet the two other elders in his church and thank them for the financial support they provided. Then mom and dad picked us up and we were back to the hotel for another night of sleep. Emma thought it so much fun running between hotel rooms. One time mom and I were sitting in their room and Emma was running back and forth and slammed the door to Tal and I's room in our face. It was then that we realized that there was no way to get in the room without the room key from the hallway. And the only key was in the room. So mom and I panicked for about two seconds and then mom sprinted off trying to find a housekeeper and I talked to Emma under then door and tried to keep her calm. She got a little upset, but I coaxed her into playing with her diapers instead of being upset. She was just fine making lots of noise playing and laughing when a nice housekeeper let us in the door. She did not even act like it was a problem. Thankfully she probably never figured it out that she was locked in. She likes to shut the door in place but usually we can get in the door. So that was our big adventure of the trip. Oh, I forgot too, that morning when we left for St. Louis we stopped by to see my grandfather. When she was telling Big Daddy goodbye, she called out, "Bye Bye, Call me..." Tal and I just laughed and laughed at that. Also in the lobby of the Villages she was talking to the Parakeets. They would chirp back and she would say, "Again, Again." I think she thought they were chirping on command. She is such an animal lover.

So Friday Tal and I went to the conference during the day. It was amazing to realize how many couples were in the exact same situation we were in. Or very similar at least. It was encouraging mainly because we realized we were not too far of base at least. Not that knowing that God has brought us down that path was not enough for us, but it just made us feel a little better know that we had others in the same situation. So we had a great time of fellowship and encouragment and really had our eyes opened. It was so refreshing to see how these men and women really wanted to raise their children and go out and change the world. It made us realize how shallow life was without a desire to fully follow what Christ has set forth as our pattern for life. So we were blessed and are looking forward to putting this all into practice.

I did not go on Saturday. Emma had a rough night with teething and diaper rashes, so I slept in with her. Then when we finally got going, I decided to just stay with her the rest of the day. Mom and Dad took us to the St. Louis zoo. It was fun and fortunately was pretty cool outside so we could tolerate the walking up and down the hills. And I did not realize how hilly it would be. Emma was of course in her element. She loved the zebras and ducks especially. She did like the herpetorium. Which Tal has not taken her to see in Memphis because it wasn't his favorite. But of course there are alligators, snakes, frogs and lizards on Dora, so she thought it was the best. She got to see an Iguana, which there is one on Dora named Isa, so she went crazy dancing and jumping saying, "I see it, I see it!" And she saw a few other animals that she has learned on Dora or Diego, so that was lots of fun. Then afterward we went to the Cheesecake Factory. It was delicious as usual. We had to get the cheesecake to go. And it was so good even in the car!

Emma fell out asleep on the way to pick up Tal. She was so cute when she woke up two hours later and he was in the seat next to her. She was estatic over seeing him. He was so worn out from information overload, thank the Lord my dad was driving. We were celebrating the Arkansas overturning Auburn. Poor Tal, did not even get to see the game, but he said he got more out of the conference than any game could ever do for him. We got in range to hear TN just as the game was starting. It was great, except we weren't playing too well. I kept saying that it was just because they were waiting for us to get home to do well. And of coruse, those of you who saw the game know that they turned it up after the half. It was so much fun to see the second half. But I was exhausted by the end of the game and thankful for the bed.

Sunday we just took it easy. I wasn't feeling well. We did run a few errands, but for the most part just chilled out. It made life a lot better not having to push things. We just had a nice family day.

Monday was another day off for me. I was very thankful because I felt awful. I thought I was getting a sinus infection, but by the time we arrived at my scheduled OB appointment, I knew it was just an old fashioned cold. I really wanted to tell him it was a sinus infection, but I knew that would not help me getting antibiotics for a cold. But the baby is doing great. Dr. Stinson is our doctor here in Memphis, he is our friend's doctor. I elected not to go back to the doctor that delivered Emma because of all the needless complications that came up. But we really liked Dr. Stinson. He was so nice and spent a lot of time with us. He said everything looks great right now. The heart beat was perfect and great movement. I have my glucose tolerance test (which I failed with Emma and had to go on the Gestational diabetes diet) in two weeks, which is our next OB visit. He said that if everything goes smoothly we will have a baby for sure in the next ten weeks. He doesn't want me to go past my due date at this point, but we will see soon what happens. With Emma we kept thinking that time was crawling, but now it is like time warp. I am totally excited but on the other hand, I would love for Tal to have a job and things to be a little more settled before he gets here. But we are totally glad that he will be joining us soon and God takes care of everything. I just don't always know how He is going to do it.

So I called in yesterday and stayed in bed most of the day. I was not feeling good at all. But I am better now. I came to work today. It has been a long day, but thankfully is coming to a close. Emma was good for her daddy today. She was very excited when her Uncle Matt arrived from college for the weekend. He said she squealed and ran up to him. That made him feel very good. She was playing outside with him the last time I checked earlier in the evening. Tal said except for waking up from her nap, she has been in a pleasant mood all day. I guess having six days with mommy helped a little. Starting Friday, she will get another five days with me, so she should be a little sweet heart for Daddy next week.

Keep praying for Tal's job. He is pursuing one right now that he feels very highly about. We are praying that everything will work out. He is so determined that he will get a good job in order to take care of us better and for me to be home with our babies. I am so proud of him and how much he has taken the reigns to make sure things get done. It is a blessing to be married to him. But just pray that the right job will come his way. And that it will not only bless us, but that he will be a great blessing to them as well. And pray that God provides for our needs while I am the only source of income. Or more importantly that we continue to learn to trust Him and His provision. He has never left us stranded, but I sure like to fret over it.

We will be returning to Benton for the weekend to finish up some projects. MeMe and Granddaddy have been so kind as to work at our house while we were gone. But our prayer is to get it finished this weekend, so we can get it on the market and sold asap. So that is a prayer as well, that we get a lot done and that the house selling goes well.

Okay, my book is finished now. Maybe I'll get some pictures on the web soon!

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