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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tiling, painting, packing

This weekend was a blurr. We worked so hard to get everything done. We just did not quite make it again. But Tal will be returning to this weekend without us. We are a little sad because we haven't spent a lot of quality time together. We seem to always be doing something. Me at work or if we are off we are unpacking or packing and doing remodeling on the house. But the good news is that this is all coming to an end soon.

Tal got about 1/3 of the kitchen tiled. The bathroom is now a beautiful taupe color that matches the tiles perfectly. And most of the rooms are set to be shown. Tal will finish up the rest this weekend. And if all goes well, we have signed the papers for the realtor to start showing the house on Monday. YEAH!!!! It is priced good, I think and we fortunately can afford to be patient. God has been in every step so far, so we know He is directing the timing as well. Pray that the housing market speeds up a little though. It has been really slow lately. And it would be so beneficial to us to have a sold sign on our house, but our realtor too has had a hard few months. And I really am praying that she can have some sells soon, even if it isn't ours right now.

Emma was a blast this weekend. She has been learning everything lately. She can count to four now, pretty consistently. She can tell you all the colors of the rainbow (brown, black and pink too!). She knows tons of animals and all their noises. Also, she got more flash cards and we learned triangle, square, circle, and rectangular. She is so much fun. She spent all weekend putting "all better" on my chin where I have had pregnancy breakouts. And she found out she liked to play in the mud. And she was a queen with a roll of hot pink wrapping paper. I have pictures, but they will have to wait until Thursday or the weekend to get posted because I have to work tomorrow. And Emma gets all my attention in the mornings usually.

Tal might hear in the next day or two about his potential job, so keep that and the house in your prayers. Also, I got out of my glucose test, but that means I have to be very diligent about my diet. So pray for me as I finish out the next seven and a half weeks of good eating.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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