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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sorry no pictures yet

Okay, my days off did not go as planned. I was so very tired on Tuesday that I barely got out of bed. I would get up long enough to go back to sleep for another nap. I was nice to be able to rest, but I wish I could have gotten more done. It was so much fun being off with Emma and Tal. We did play a little together and then we did watch the Cardinals game that night. Emma had fun runny between her grandmommy and grandaddy and Uncle Mike. I don't know what she is going to do when we get our own place again and she is stuck with Tal and I. She would cheer for the Cardinals every time something sounded exciting on the TV. She would say, Go Bball! and of course, she would add Go Vols! Then if we looked like we did not like the play, she would say, "OH NO" It was adorable.

She is loving the cold. She bends over a little, puts her hands in fists and then says "cooooold". My mom bought her some Leap Frog flashcards the other day. She has learned so many new words. It is so much fun because she is wanting to name everything. She will tell you the name of everything that she sees if she knows it. It is so much fun. We also learned "1,2,3"

Wednesday, I had my doctors appointment. I, of course, failed my glucose test royally. I was so sick the rest of the day waiting on my blood sugar to regulate. It would go up and down all day. So I stayed on the couch most of the day hoping not to lose my lunch. Finally, after I went to bed, about two in the morning, I felt better. I ate my share of protein and low glycemic carbohydrates today. That made me feel a lot better. I am supposed to go for my three hour glucose test in a week and a half, but I have decided to refuse it because I felt so horrible after the little one. So I will call this next tomorrow or Monday and get them to okay me not taking it. I will promise to be a good girl and not eat any sugar from now until the birth if they will just let me not take that test. I just hate feeling like that.

Emma went with us because she was having a little meltdown about me leaving. It was raining, so she had her little rain/wind jacket on. She kept saying, :It baining, Mommy!" She and Tal walked around the hospital while I was back seeing the "dog tger" When we got in the car, she said "Mommy, Dog tger all better?" Oh yea, she had insisted on wearing her socks and jelly shoes. She was walking out to the car, but when Tal told her she had to hold his hand, she refused, we thought. She usually throws a fit when we request her to hold our hand. But after a few seconds, I realized she was not yelling and crying about being carried, but she was upset because her shoe had fallen off. So I retreived her shoe and her world became a better place to live in!

Today, I had to work again. Emma did not want me to leave, but apparently as soon as I left she was quite okay with me being gone. She spent the day visiting her great grand parents. Tal said she has been a perfect angel all day. I wish I could have been there to enjoy it. But this weekend, we will have fun together.

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