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Monday, October 23, 2006

Can you believe October is almost over

I cannot believe how fast that this whole month as gone. It is incredible. I know that it was just Sept a few seconds ago. And now it is almost November. Plus, I had just gotten used to saying that Emma is 21 months old, and now she is 22 months old. Soon, I will just have a two year old. Yikes.

Yesterday as I was playing with Emma, I just could not get over the fact that she has been with us for two years. She is the biggest blessing. She just cuddles up with you. And in the morning, when I first pick her up, she pats me on the shoulder and then rubs my back with her hand, going, "Hi Momma, Hi Momma!" It is just awesome. This weekend was a blast with her. She and I went with Tracy and her two boys to the park. It was the greatest park going because it had a designated place for toddlers. She loved it. Normally, she loves parks, but usually she needs you to help her out a bit. But no, this was just her size and she was all over it. Going down the slide, on the swings, the rocking horses, driving the play tractor, and sittting in the dark tunnel. Then there were chimes made out of piping. She had so much fun playing those. She played so hard that she was out as soon as we got in the car. She slept all the way back to Collierville, (about 45 minutes) and then for about another hour when we got home. Then she got up and ate some more.

We went to see Big Daddy again on Saturday. I wish I could get there more, but I am so rushed on the days that I work. Emma took her baby and her stroller to stroll her baby around. She did not spend a whole lot of time visiting but she did let me visit with him. He seems to be getting stronger every day. It is just so hard to see him in a wheelchair. I just remember him when I was in elementary school out in the yard or building the shed out back of his house. I just have always adored him. The last four years have had so hard for him.

We watched the Cardinals play on Saturday. Emma sat in my lap and would bend down to my belly and say, "Wake up, my baby" She would squeal every time he moved. Then when she got done blowing raspberries, she would say, "Okay, my baby, nigh nigh" and give him a kiss and get down and play. During ballgames, she will alternate between playing and cheering, especially if we are cheering. And sometimes out of the blue she will be watching the TV and something will happen and the crowd boos or something, and she puts her hands to her face and says "OH NO" It is so funny.

Sunday was a bummer day, we did not get much done. I had great plans, but things just did not work out. My parents got back from the game in Knoxville and we had a great lunch of grilled hot dogs. Then we were getting ready to work and we got a phone call that Tal and Dad needed to help move a recliner. So Emma and I took a nap while everyone else went to help move the recliner. Everyone got back, and Mike got back from being out and Mark came over in time for the game. We were going to have popcorn, which is our family tradition on Sunday nights going back since I was little, and mom suggested we try popping it over the stove with this popcorn maker she had purchased. It was sooooooo good. I got the honor of figuring it out and it was so easy. The popcorn turned out unbelievable. Mom always has to butter it for me, because she does it better than I do. But it was definitely well worth it. So we had two rounds of popcorn for the game. Since we were all together and had such awesome popcorn, of course, St. Louis had to lose. I thought they were going to pull it out, but alas, they did not. So now they can finish it up in St. Louis!

I had a long day at work today because of an early staff meeting. And I was here a long time on Friday because we had a very sick kid. So I am glad I am off tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow is work day at our house. We have so much stuff to settle in our room. And finish laundry. Wednesday I have my glucose test and Elliot check up. Then we have to get ready for the weekend. We are going back to Arkansas to finally get this house on the market. So keep us in your prayers as we finish up this weekend!

Hopefully pictures tomorrow.

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