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Friday, September 29, 2006

Update with pictures....

We are currently back in Benton for a few days. We spent much of the day recooperating from the last week of constant work for me. Emma enjoyed being with Tal and I and her old toys again. Then we got a visit from Meme and Granddaddy and then Aunt Jamie took us all out to eat. So she had a blast showing off for everyone. She was in rare form, which has become more of her usual form these days. When Meme walked in, she ran to the door with arms up yelling, "Meme, Meme" I think it made Meme's day. Right at this moment, she is sitting on top of our step stook calling out for us to help her down. She has enjoyed climbing on that thing since she was 11 months old. Tal and I were stripping wall-paper and turned around to see her dancing to music on the top of the ladder. And she has been climbing ever since.

We were so excited to come home and find that the house just four doors down had sold. It has been on the market for awhile, but they were selling by owner. They got a agent to list it about six weeks ago, and now it is sold. We were excited to see it was sold so quickly after being listed and to know we are the only ones on the block that will be for sale. So keep praying that we will be able to get it on the market quickly and it will sell even quicker for the right price for everyone involved.

This is Emma in her new Tennessee cheerleading outfit that Uncle Matt found for her. Isn't she adorable???
Grandmommy found her some new clothes at Target for the fall and winter. She was trying them on and then took a break to read. Thought it made a cute picture.
Her she is tonight at dinner with some lemons she was eating. I wish I had caught her in the act. She was eating them and making the sour lemon face, but she was laughing at the same time. It was hillarious. But I just got her studying the lemons instead. She was squeezing them like Grandmommy taught her to do yesterday while they were making Two Dad's birthday pie. I think it might have had more than just lime juice in it when she was done, but I sure whatever she contributed to it, just made it sweeter.

And to leave you with this adorable cutie. She is saying Go Vols in this one. And she makes it look so cute!

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