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Monday, September 18, 2006

I love.....

Going to my friends websites and having updates on their lives. So I figured I better update you on ours.

Today was our first official day without working at Spring Creek. It was so nice because we really haven't had a real day off in a awhile, because I usually have to work on Tal's days off. And usually if we were in town, there was something church related to be done. So today was a celebration of doing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, packing boxes with the knowledge that there was nothing really pressing that had to be accomplished. So if Emma Grace wanted to play, we could play.

Yesterday, the church gave us a very lovely going away reception. Emma was thrown a little party during Sunday School, complete with presents and cupcakes. She loves Ms. Betsy, and will definitely miss her. There are a few pictures from that day.

Emma and I were reading her Dora potty book tonight, when she decided to go potty, but not in her little potty, she wanted the big potty! And she did a marvelous job. She was so proud of herself going in the big potty. Of course, Tal had to hold her so she did not fall in. And as I am writing this, she just ran in and told me that "I poop-poop in potty, MOMMA!" Tal said they were just going to try going once more and she let it rip. So go Emma! She said none of this baby potty stuff, big girl for her!

We had nice rain storms today. It was so cool that we shut off the air and opened the windows. It got a little warm with the sun, but was worth the big bucks we are saving. Hopefully, we can have it off the next few days.

I put a few pictures up. They are of Emma and her friends, Tate (curly red hair) and Ethan, (blond hair). And then of course, of just Emma. Tomorrow, we are going to clean some more and then go celebrate Aunt Jamie's birthday. Hope to hear from all of your soon.

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