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Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am amazed....

I am amazed at how little time I have these days. Working is a lot of work you know! We were reminiscing tonight in the Med Room about last year. Every Thursday night we would watch ER together and sometimes even eat popcorn. Now we are running from the time we get here until the time we leave. I don't mind it at all because I would rather be busy. But it is totally different from last year.

Emma did really well last night, actually for the first time in weeks sleep pretty much all night at my mom's house. And I was so thankful. Things have been so rough for her because she just hate to sleep there for some reason. She likes to play with everyone so much that she thinks she doesn't need to sleep. But last night, she slept with Tal on a mat on the floor all night. Tal is really sweet to give me a good night sleep, especially when I work three in a row.

Emma was such a big eater today, she had decided she loves tomatoes. She also ate half a steak, and half an avocado, and then found out that she loves lettuce as well. So she ate a ton of lettuce. (I should have reminded Tal to check her diaper before she went to bed, I bet she will use that up entirely!)

Don't really have much more news. We are going to babysit Emma's friend, Reese for a few hours on Saturday. And then Sunday we are going to the zoo with a gal from my work and her husband and three year old, Isabella. I am excited about that because I haven't made many new friends recently and it is nice to make one. She just moved her to Baton Rouge recently and they need some friends.

My parents were supposed to go the the TN game this weekend. I was a little sad, because I don't really get to see them much when we are here. But because of the rain and a few other little hitches they decided to stay in town. I am excited. I cannot wait to see them for more than fifteen minutes at a time. I don't remember the last time that I have spent time with them other than going to work and getting ready to go back to Benton. I think it was July.

We found out our friends are having a little boy in February, so congratulations to Julie and Jason. Pray for her pregnancy. Elliot will have another little friend. Also, in prayer requests, please keep praying for Big Daddy. He has had such a hard time with this recovery. Keep him in your prayers for strength and joy for him. And just a general one for the kids I work with and their families. I cannot imagine how hard this must be for them. I cannot give details or names or anything like that but pray for those facing hard decisions. They need some special touches from God this weekend.

Okay, will try to post some pictures sooner than later. I think we have a few that I should try to post tomorrow. We have some good ones from the other night. And an adorable one of her asleep the other day.


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