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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Finally the pictures have arrived....

Well, it has been a very busy weekend, so I am just now getting pictures up on the site. I will briefly explain each, and you can ask questions if I don't get it all explained.

Here is Jamie, Tal's Sister, and Tal and Emma.Emma wearing Daddy's shoes. She had one of mine and one of his on, but by the time we ran for the camera, we could only convince her to wear just daddy's.
Here is her usual nap position. She has adopted this one blanket as her favorite. Thank the Lord, since it is the one we had Fed Ex'ed from Illinois when we left it on our way back from MN.
Here is Emma with Hot Fudge cake all over her mouth. It was "YUM"
Emma looked down in this picture, but it still turned out cute. This is her new found Uncle Mike. She decided she liked him afterall. She followed him around all day when he was home playing with him. Even knocking on his door quite often. She was not happy with him when he had to go house sit though.

And that is it! I will try to get more on this web this week sometime. She is always up for the camera!

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