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Friday, September 15, 2006

Don't seem to find the time lately....

Well, I am on my last day of full time for this week. It really hasn't been that hard on me to be back full time, but I think Emma Grace is a little sad that I am not there. She has gotten to come down and see me the past few days, which is awesome. She seemed to understand that she was just there to visit and then she and daddy would have to go play again for awhile. She was so cute saying goodbye to everyone. Today she ate lunch with me. She had a huge piece of celery, several carrots, and about 15 cherry tomatoes. Must take after my mom with her love for veggies. Tal took her to the zoo today. When they drove up, she said "I see it, I see it...ROAR" She knew exactly where she was. Hopefully, I will get to go with them next weekend when we are in town for a few days. I never get to go to the zoo because I am always working when we are here. The zoo pass has been a great thing for us because Tal can go whenever he feels like it.

Emma did not go to sleep until almost four this morning because she wanted to play so bad. Unfortunately, my parents have had to be out of town this time, so she was severely disappointed that her buddies where not there to "pay" as she said. Tal said she has fallen asleep now, it is 9:45pm. Hopefully they will both get some rest before I get home. I told him I would take over but I myself and very tired. I am praying we all get some sleep tonight.

I went to see Big Daddy on my way to work today. He seemed to be in good spirits. He was taking his pills and then therapy was there to get him up. I did not get to stay long because I had to get to work and he had to get to work. But tomorrow I am going to take Emma Grace by to see him and cheer him up a little.

We are gearing up for a big football day tomorrow. Arkansas and Vandy and Tennessee and Florida. Of course we are cheering for Arkansas and Tennessee. We will watch the Arkansas game here in Tennessee and the Tennessee game back in Arkansas, sounds logical huh? Go Vols and Go HOGS!

So this week we are thinking about trying to start moving stuff to Memphis next week, but we haven't totally decided. Monday will be Tal's first official day out of work. We can start really working on our house and getting it ready for the market. He is so much less stressed right now and that is great. We will have a few days here in there between my days to work. Hopefully, prayerfully, we can get the house on the market in the next three weeks for sure.

Well, I might write more tomorrow. But if not we will try to update you all again this weekend.

Oh yeah, Emma's favorite phrases lately are "I see" "okay" and she loves to jabber on the phone with daddy now. She actually has real conversations it is great!

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