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Friday, September 22, 2006

After three days of working....

So today was my last day of three to work. I had not worked three in a row in a very long time, I think May was the last time I had even attempted this, and that was not three twelves, but three tens. (Not that much different in all).

Today, Tal and I had one of those events that made our heart skip a few beats. Tal is so kind to let me sleep in a bed by myself when I have to double back after working. I usually only have 7-8 hours that I can sleep, so it is nice with Emma in the room with us to have a bed to myself. They sleep on a nice memory foam mat on the floor and let me have a lot of nice sleep. So this morning Tal wakes me up at 8am, which was the time I needed to up, but he was frantic. He wanted to know if Emma had gotten up with me sometime during the night. I told him no, but did he look under the bed, in case she crawled under there. (which would not have a been a first) But no, he had checked. The door was mostly closed, so then we got nervous and both basically flew down the stairs. And there she was sitting on the counter as happy as she could be. She had apparently gone downstairs and found Grandma, who was fortunately awake for the pitter patter of little feet. And she was "helping" Grandma fix Two Dad's lunch and then decided that the chicken looked pretty good (Now the girl won't touch chicken for me, go figure!) So the girl who is normally a grouch for us at their house, was acting like nothing was more normal than to do exactly what she was doing. So our heart rates started to come back to normal and we had a good laugh over the whole thing. And then Grandma left to go do something and we got our normal Emma back.

At that time, (all of this happened between 8am and 8:45am, got the adrenaline rushes early today....) we noticed that Princess had blood slowly seeping out of her shoulder. Such a nice thing in the morning. So I had to convince Emma that Princess had a boo boo and she needed me to fix it. So daddy had to sufice for Emma at that time. I cleaned Princess and attempted a bandage, which left me about 12 minutes to get ready for work. I had to get there early to get my medical insurance coverage settled before we lose ours with Tal. After I got out of the shower, we decided it would be a good idea to go get better tape to cover the wound on Princess, so Tal was going to take Emma and follow me to Walgreens for us to pick out the stuff we needed. But Emma had other ideas....

My mom was sitting doing the crossword puzzle, her morning ritual and boy is she good at it. Emma ran over to her and jumped in her lap and said, "Bye" with hand outstretched in the typical "Talk to the hand" approach of my teen years. She basically with that word and look told us to just leave, she had the person that loved her. So Tal and I hung our heads, assumed our new position in Emma's life and headed to Walgreens. I was just praying that my day would be less eventful than the first hour.

Thankfully it was. It has been very busy at work and at times it was more than I thought I could accomplish, but nothing a Reese's peanut butter cup did not help! I am glad I like my job here. It makes the days a lot easier.

On a side note, Emma got to wear her Arkansas cheerleader outfit today, but she quickly told Tal what she thought about that. She ran to the dirty clothes and picked out the Dora pj top she had worn, yogurt stains and all and put it on over her AR outfit! So I guess I'll have to get the cute Dora jeans and sweatshirt before the AR/TN game, and that will be her outfit!

I promise to post pictures tomorrow. I am only going to visit Big Daddy, babysit Reese and Sam for a few hours, and watch football, so maybe I will have time. Also, I will probably try to get a little of our things settled in a little before we try to move a little of the stuff next week.

Hope everything is going well.

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