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Thursday, August 24, 2006

What do we really think of children

Here is a great link to an article that I read recently. I have been very disturb by people telling me that maybe Emma should stay home when there are serious meetings that she might disturb. And that these places are not for her. This article really brought home my feelings. Tal's grandfather once remarked that the demise of the church was childcare. That separating the children was not a good thing. I think that Tal and I have learned a lot about that through this experience. I now thank my parents for wanting us to stay in church with them. They had a vision for keeping us together as a family. And as much as I thought they were being straight laced and legalistic, I now agree with them full heartedly.


Jamie said...

Great Post! I've been more distracted in services by adults than I have by children...and that's probably because Tal and I were brought up in a church were children's voices and cries were just part of the service. I've visited a few churches in that last few months and I have seen way too many adults whispering (or outright talking!) in the services. Tal and I were raised that children will, first and foremost, learn by example...if they are constantly segregated, what is the example?

Sorry to get on my soapbox but that post did touch on a sensitive subject for me...and I don't even have children!

Love you. Have a safe trip home from Memphis!!


The Charlebois said...

Excellent, EXCELLENT article. Kids have the same Holy Spirit in them as we have in us. Why wouldn't a parent want their child to grow and mature in that area? And what a better way than to immerse them in the Word and worship.
All that said, it is the parents' responsibility to make sure their kids are under control and being respectful.

Mary's Mom said...

Amen to Jamie and Audra. I am glad to see that "wisdon is truly vindicated by her children." It was not always easy going against the crowd, but I am glad now that we to follow our convictions. I, like Jamie, grew up beside my parents in church, and it is often those childhood memories of church that the Lord uses to speak to me now as an adult.