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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A weekend to remember

Well, actually it hasn't been that eventful, but it was still memorable.

Friday, I worked at St. Jude. I love it there. It is so incredible, I just feel better about life each time I am there. It reminds me of how good I have it. But my co-workers are great too. I love getting to see them and catch up with them when I am there. I had the opportunity to work with a family that was just referred to St. Jude with the possibility that their child might have cancer. It is hard to see how frightened, tired, and overwhelmed they are. But it is also really a great opportunity to minister to them. I hate that they have to go through such an event, but I am thankful for the opportunity to bless them a little. Just pray for the little ones that I work with there.

Emma and Tal spent the evening with my family. Uncle Matt was having his very last send off before his last semester of college. Since it is football season, it isn't like he won't see my family at least a few times a month, but it is still hard to see him leave. Emma ran into the house screaming "mam mommie, mam mommie" which is what she calls my mom, but since she was there are the time, she settle for "Mattttttt". So she had so much fun chasing and playing with everyone that she fell out early that night. But at 4am, she decided it was time to go downstairs and play. I was so tired. I could barely keep my eyes open. But we were up for about three more hours before we finally got smart and took her on a walk. Actually, Tal did. Then we slept until ten and could have slept a lot longer, but was worried about needing to get back to Benton.

We drove back to Benton, actually, we ran by Chocolate Soup and got Elliot's take home outfit and a couple of dresses for Emma for next summer and one for this fall. They were having a great sale. I will have to get a picture of the outfit for Elliot up, it is so cute.

We got back to Benton in time to unload the car and Princess and go to the church to pick up the kids for End of Summer. It was a long night for me because Emma did not want to be in the meeting, so we walked around for two and a half hours. We walked all over the Benton town square and then the church. She kept asking for her dad, so finally they were done with the meeting. Everyone said it turned out great. We drove back to the church to drop off everyone and Emma crashed. Tal took her out of the van I was driving to put her back in our van, in her car seat. She never woke up. She slept until about 5am this morning and then decided she wanted to play again. But Tal took her on a walk. I hadn't gotten to sleep until 2am because I wasn't feeling too good. So Emma and I ended up sleeping in until 11am, all the way through church. Tal just let me sleep because he realized I was exhausted. I felt a little better but not perfect. I have rested the rest of the day. But Tal had a lot of stuff to do at church today, so he wasn't home much. And Emma was going nintey to nothing all day. I was having a rough time keeping up with her. Actually, by the time that Tal got home I was so exhausted I could barely stand up. I think I had actually fallen asleep or something watching Emma. Emma thankful was doing good without me.

She kept standing at the front door going, "Dadda come home". It was cute. This afternoon she was drinking a sip of my coke slushy. She got a brain freeze. You should have seen her. She got the funniest look on her face and then started saying COLD COLD and cried and cried. She drank a few sips of warm juice and felt better. I felt bad for her because she did not know what was going on.

She of course has gotten to where so loves and I mean LOVES her baths now. She runs to the back and gets a towel and washcloth. Tonight she got the towel, but she had already emptied the washclothes, so she came running up to the den where I was with Tal behind her. She was screaming "posh clofff, posh clofff" She found one and then ran with it to the bathroom. So excited. It got interrupted because Tal found a bug bite or boil on her leg and I had to look at it. It looked better after her bath when I saw it again, so I figured it wasn't necessary really to do anything but keep an eye on it. Because everything I have learned about boils and bug bites, is that warm water and compresses are the best solutions because it draws the blood to the area and lets your immune system work.

Now she is watching Dora, yelling "BAcK PPPPPPACK!!!" And going down the slide again. She is so cute and full of life. She gets so excited about life. It is hard for her to have any volume other than loud because she is so excited about everything. She read a book about animals to me and knew all the sounds and animals. I just really enjoy her sitting on my lap and having her have fun.

Princess has been so funny today. I talked to a vet online about her, he thinks that maybe all her weight maybe hypothyroidism. Which would make sense, seeing that she cannot seem to lose weight for anything. Also, she doesn't tolerate exercise and prefers to sleep most of the time. But hopefully, she will be feeling better. Tal gave her a Tylenol. that seemed to make her feel better.

Well, I will try to get photos up soon. Emma loves to have her picture taken, and maybe she'll try on her dresses for me tomorrow. She loves to try on clothes. I should have gotten her with her bloomers on her head today. She looked like a little nun.


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Aunt Jamie said...

Sounds like a long, but good, weekend.

When you are so tired and busy, please give Sheridan a's not far to Benton and all of us know how much you do for your family and your church. We'll be there to take care of you!

Love to you all,

P.S. Your lunch was supposed to have been paid for last Wednesday, but I didn't figure it out until it was too, we'll have to do it again soon!!