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Friday, August 04, 2006

We made it

Just real quick. I have a whole lot more confidence that things will be okay once this second baby is born. I was being to worry a little that with Emma and a newborn things were going to be way hard. But last night Tal and I had the privileged of keeping Emma (20 months), Reese 24 months, and Samuel 3 weeks old all night long. We got the two toddlers to sleep with relative ease. Tal is awesome. He was in there changing their diapers and getting their sippy cups and beds ready without any prompting. He is definitely a good dad. And I had the little one. I was so surprise that really Emma was not bothered by the baby or that mommy was helping someone else. I was very thankful that I still have four more months with one child only. I do really enjoy the margin (which was higher than I realized) of independence Emma has obtained. But all in all, it was a great experience for me. And really put my mind at ease. I know not all nights are that great, but even with being up for two feedings and with some gas issues, we made it.

Please pray for Tracy, their mom, as she faces surgery today. Our suspicions were correct, she needed an appendectomy. Also for safety for her mom as she travels from Florida to help out with the boys.

More later,

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