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Thursday, August 10, 2006


So I will start with Saturday, because that is about when things got slow for us.

On Wednesday, a father in the youth group had mentioned that it was Christian Day at Magic Springs and that our kids really enjoyed it last year and it had made such an impression on them. So instead of bowling and movies, we ended up spending a soggy and steamy afternoon at Magic Springs. It was not my first choice, but it was either spend all day by myself at home or go and hike up and down the hills in the heat and rain. We got there and the sun was blazing. Emma and I had just gotten changed into our swimsuits when the clouds started rolling in. I remarked to one of the youth that was hanging out with us that I would definitely welcome the clouds, but was glad that weren't threatening rain. It was only five minutes later, after we wrestled Emma to get her sunscreen on, that the thunder and lightning started up. So for the rest of the afternoon we spent trying to figure out whether or not we were going to stay at the park. After aboutthree hours of walking around in the humidity, we finally decided that Emma and I should retreat to the car to watch Dora. We no sooner got the the car and the heavens opened up. Poor Tal was stuck in the rain for several more hours. Apparently, no one else minded the rain, but Emma and I split and went home to enjoy the rain from our den. Actually by the time we got to Benton, it was dry as could be.

Sunday was busy as usual. Emma still loves her class because Mrs. Betsy is there. Mrs. Betsy is great. She always has a necklace for Emma to wear in the classroom (they were learning about mommies and how God gives us moms and they dressed up as moms, so ever since she thinks that you have to get a necklace in the sunday school. Poor Mrs. Betsy had to let her wear her real necklace one day.) Also, Mrs. Betsy always lets Emma "help" which makes her so excited about being there. We are so grateful to her, because before it was such a struggle to get her to stay. She actually looked at me as I walked out the door, smiled and continued playing, like good, now that mommy is gone I can play.

Sunday afternoon I took advantage of Emma being asleep and went to Wal-mart. It was such a treat shopping without her. I was in the process of cutting down a small tree and had gotten some of the lower branches off when it started thundering and then pouring out of nowhere. It had been so nice and sunny and then it was pouring. So I took that as a sign that I needed to lay down and rest. Of course, Emma woke up about that time, so I just laid on the couch and watched her play. Tal woke me up just before church and told me that I had been dead asleep even to the point that Emma was screaming next to me and I did not move. It was so hard to go to church after that, but we made it. We had ice cream sundays for the kids that night. Emma had a blast eating her ice cream with the high school girls. She was sitting in the booth with them trying on their sun glasses and playing with their keys. She thought she was hot stuff. We will have to get a picture of her this weekend trying on Katherine's glasses, she is too funny.

Monday was chill day for us. We were so tired. We did get up to see the kids off for kids kamp. We made muffins and Emma stood in the back of Tal's truck and passed out apple and orange juices to everyone. She then got bored and used the napkins to clean the back of Tal's very dirty truck. She had a blast, especially because we had let her wear her pj's out to church. So we rushed back home and changed so we could go see the doctor. Everything checked out great and you of course see the ultrasound results from Tuesday. Except for the occasional migraines, we are smooth sailing. Also, I have had a lot of abdominal pain. I asked the doctor what could be the cause, with a chuckle we figure it had something to do with the five pound weight gain. I have never gained that much that quick.

So Tuesday was the ultrasound and then Bogg Springs. Emma had so much fun. She played so hard and ate hardly anything but a peach all day, so on the way home, she devoured her french fries and my french fries. It was so funny because every few seconds I would hear either "MOOOOOOOEEEE" (Emma for more) or "finch fie" all the way home from Hot Springs.

Nothing special happened yesterday. It was just a day at home for Emma and I. We did get out to go to JcPennys to look for bargain clothes for next summer. We found some for her and Elliot at good deals. And we found some clothes for him for newborn that were on clearance as well. They were long sleeve sleeper things but probably not as heavy as most winter things. If he is anything like Emma was, if I have really heavy things he would hate it. So I figured at a dollar a sleeper, we could wrap him up with blankets. Boy stuff is just not as cute as girl things. When we got home Emma immediately decided it was clothes for her dolly. So we tried one outfit on a doll and she carried it around during the afternoon. She kept trying to find her "broffer". Even at Wal-Mart she was wondering if we were their to find her brother. She doesn't understand that we only saw a picture of him, that we don't get him until December.

Today, Emma got a whole day with daddy, because I am at work. She hasn't seemed to miss me too much. She went with Tal to eat with a student and his dad. Tal said she was great, even letting them talk while she played and colored in her seat. Today was relatively uneventful except for this morning as I was getting ready for work, I preheated the oven to warm up some soft pretzels to eat on the way. I thought I smelled something funny, but did not look into it (dumb) until there was smoke in the house. Tal had set a plastic bowl with a little potato salad in it in the oven last night to get Princess to stop barking for it. I did not check the oven before I started warming it up. So by the time I got to it, we had molten plastic (it was one of those heavy pampered chef bowls so there was a ton of white melted plastic) all over the bottom of the oven. Fortunately, he set it straight on the bottom and not on the rack, so all we had to do was let it cool and them scrap it off. But that added to my morning. On the way, I figured out why I have gained so much weight. I ate two soft pretzels, a couple of pieces of cheddar cheese, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a peach, and two rice krispie treats. And I was still hungry. Fortunately, my commute is two hours and I was not eating all that in just 15 minutes, but I could have I think. So I will have to make sure I am a little more careful because I cannot gain that much each time.

Well, I have been long winded today. I will leave you with one thought that I had today as I was listening to a sermon on the way. We have choice in our life. One is to walk with the sin that we have previously dwelt in and the other is to walk with Christ. Sometimes we wait for big events or crisis to bring us to our knees. The problem with this is that in between we dwell with our sinful habits and our ability to show Christ's love and responds as Jesus would is dimished. But if daily we walk with Christ, which means hourly, minute by minute for me, dying to self, we are able to walk this walk a little better. And we are able to walk with Christ as we cast down the lies from Satan and put on the truth of His words to us and about us. In other words, taking those thoughts captive. Just a little encouragement from where I received encouragement today. Boy, do I have a long way to go, but it would save a lot in therapy if I would follow it! :-)

Talk to you soon,

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Jamie said...

Yeah, "MOOOEEEE" Ewing news. Always good to have your updates and to read the passages that have moved you. Don't underestimate the power of just sharing an experience.

Today started off as a tough one for me because I had to deal with the ideas and words of someone I ABSOLUTELY disagree with. It is hard to look past her unfounded accusations and unfair characterizations (government employees have feelings too, you know) to remember that I will gain nothing by focusing on how "wrong" her ideas are but must instead work on myself and how I can best be used to share my faith and values.