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Monday, August 21, 2006

Sometimes it is so hard just to get going

Sometimes I have a hard time getting going after Sundays, but I should not since I rested yesterday. Although, I think I was pretty tired. Emma and I have gotten a few things done but not much actually.

I thought I would include a link to Voddie Baucham's sermons on marriage. They are incredible! Actually, anything he has done has impressed me. Tal and I had the opportunity to spend some time with him about a year ago when we were in Memphis. His life is just such a testimony and his love for the Lord is so evident. Tal and I cannot believe that he is only 37 years old. He has accomplished so much in his years and it makes me realize that I need to get busy. Anyway, he did this series at Andy Stanley's church in July. Tal and I listened to the first one of the sermons yesterday. I would encourage everyone, married or not to listen to them. I sat and listened not wanting to move and in tears most of the time. The vision he shows for life is just so much fuller than the one that I have followed so often. I wish as a single I had known what he puts forth and now I am thankful that as a married woman I am hearing it. It will bless you no matter what. Click on the Voddie Baucham messages. It starts on 7/16/06

I will post some pictures soon this afternoon. I need to run to the grocery first and start dinner, but sometime today.


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