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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A quick thought

I have been thinking a lot lately about the fundamental problem or struggle in the world: being the struggle between good and evil or truth versus lie. Isn't that the core of the struggle we face everyday, going back to the garden when the snake presented Eve with the lies? Don't we struggle each day to believe the truth. God says we are to take our thoughts captive. I look back at my life and see how my wrong actions, attitudes, desires, even my sins of ommission can be traced back to believing a lie instead of the truth. If I truly believed that I am a child of the King, a princess. That my life was totally lost in sin and there was no way that I could change that, but the King of the Universe wanted a relationship with me and because I was lost in my sin with the penalty being separation from Him for Eternity, He sent His Son who was sinless to take my place. Then that He hasn't given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. That His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and that walking with Him is the natural thing, the thing I was created for. That I was created to love others, to be a blessing. That it isn't easy to be selfish or rude or hard hearted towards others. But it is my responsiblity to feed myself the truth everyday, so that I can be a participant in the fundamental struggle. So I can recognize when I am living a lie and not the truth.

Hope that this hasn't been too confusing, or that it makes sense at all.

On a lighter note, last night I had a bit of a cough. Everytime I would lay down I would start coughing. Emma would come over and say, "you okay". Then after awhile, she started pretending like she was coughing and would then say, "I okay". Then this morning she has gotten to where she has wanted to pump the lotion on her own. She has liked to put on lotion for several months now. She puts it on our legs and then all over her. But lately she has been saying, "I do it, I do it, I do it." It is such fun to see her learning everyday. She has gotten very vocal and sometimes I get what she is saying.

Here is another good Elisabeth Elliot devotional. If I had not already mentioned it, Elliot
is named after Elisabeth's first husband that was martyred for the faith. She really shaped my early teen years and on through my college and married life. And Tal was very effected by Jim Elliot's life and writings. So we feel privileged to name a son after them.
The Work of the Accuser
Author: Elisabeth Elliot
One of the names of the enemy is the Accuser. It is his doing, when we have sought God's guidance and been as obedient as we knew how, and then remain in an agony of doubt as to whether God did guide, whether we really did obey. There is no end to the "proofs" the Accuser can present to sow doubt in our minds. "Hath God said?" (Gn 3:1 AV) was the first seed he sowed in the mind of Eve, and he has had a great deal of practice at that kind of planting ever since.
It is to be expected that every decision made with the desire to be obedient to God will be attacked. Spread your doubts before the Lord. Pray for correction of any wrong in thinking or doing and for his word of assurance as to the action you must take. If there is nothing else required of you at this moment, leave it at that. Trust God. Put the whole weight of your doubts and cares on Him--that will foil the Accuser.
"It is God who pronounces our acquittal....It is Christ who pleads...our cause" (Rom 8:33,34 EB).

We are going to have lunch with MawMaw and PawPaw and Aunt Jamie. Hopefully, I will have some pictures to post after that today! Thanks for all the votes on the quilts. It has been a landslide so far. I appreciate your comments because although it would not have been my first choice, and actually it was my last, my opinions have really changed as I have seen it through everyone's perspectives. Which is what I wanted for sure!!!

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