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Monday, August 28, 2006

Picture finally here

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures at the beginning. Tal thought the window was just foggy, but it was really the lense. I could not help but post a few though, they turned out so cute. She was playing so hard that she would not let us put her shoes on at first. I finally convinced her to put on her sandal jellies that we haven't worn in awhile becuase they were a little big. But her foot had grown into them, so they fit great now. She played outside for awhile, but had a melt down. She and her daddy talked it out and made up. She and Tal then decided it was a good milkshake night, since they hadn't had a daddy daughter date in a few weeks really.

Tomorrow my plan is to finish out the guestbedroom and front rooms. That way, I am continuing on my goal to have the house de-cluttered. So hopefully I will keep on track!


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